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Reporter shares funny video of his piece to camera, A twitter user wrote It’s like a glitch in the Matrix, that’s inspired

Joe Tidy, cyber reporter for the BBC News, himself took to Twitter to share the hilarious video and now it has made many laugh out loud.

“Congratulations to the two lads who sneakily ruined my best piece to camera from a recent filming assignment in Germany,” Tidy wrote. “Honestly I’m not even mad, this is inspired. Didn’t even spot it until in the edit,” he added along with two clapping hands and one tears of joy emojis.

Since being shared on September 11, the video has gathered over 3.6 lakh views – and the numbers are only increasing. Additionally, it has also amassed close to 18,600 likes and nearly 2,600 retweets. People couldn’t stop sharing all sorts of responses to the video.

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