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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Is Nirmal Baba a Fraud?

Vote Now! Nirmal Baba needs no introduction. In India, he has become a household name. Basically, he is a spiritual guru, but with a little bit of difference. The inherent difference within Nirmal Baba also makes him a suspicious guru.
The sudden rise of popularity of Nirmal Baba is really astonishing. Today only Ramdev Baba can be termed as more popular than him. The popularity of Nirmal Baba is because of some ‘so called’ divine power that he is endowed with. He is said to be the person with perfect sixth sense. He claims to heal anyone from any sort of disease, even Cancer and AIDS, without even a personal contact. He is quite confident about his vashikaran mantra by which he can control the thinking power of anyone on this planet. And, the most important thing is that if you follow hissamagams on television channels, then you will find that lots of people claim there that they have been ‘really’ blessed with healing power of Nirmal Baba.
Why does he look suspicious?
Despite showing his healing power to the whole world through electronic media, Nirmal Baba looks quite suspicious. He looks like a fraudster masquerading as a spiritual guru.
Let’s have a look on some point:
1.Though, Nirmal Baba is no more offering vashikaran mantra, but it is a fact that his popularity rose because of this. But, the question remains. How come a mantra can control someone? It is not mantra, in fact, but it is his psychological tricks which controls someone. He doknow and apply hypnotism. However, it is simply impossible to use a mantra to control someone who is far away from Nirmal Baba. The fact is he offers the same mantra to everyone. I wonder why he didn’t contact Manmohan Singh to use this mantra against anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazaare? Or, why he doesn’t offer this mantra to a business personality to crush the cut throat competition by controlling the competitor? By going this way he will definitely earn more. The crux of the matter is the fact that there is no mantra worth offering. He is only earning money from gullible people.
2. Little is known about the history of Nirmal Baba. Even, very little public knowledge is available about his current work – current business life. What he is doing with crores of rupees that he is earning per month? His followers say that somewhere out of blue Nirmal Baba got the divine power. I wonder why the nature selected him to give these 'divine powers' when the person is not going to offer it free to anyone? Nirmal Baba is just using tricks of medieval India's Brahmans to make his wallet heavier and heavier. Like Brahmans he also doesn't offer anything free to anyone, not even for a person dying because of hunger. (The use ofBrahman here has nothing to do with caste-ism.)
3. Why does he charge money from his followers? If one wants to participate in his samagams then one needs to make a payment of Rs. 2,000. Payment should be made through a bank challan and devotee needs to keep one counterfoil of that challan. Send the other to the designated office in Delhi and after the confirmation of registration they will send an SMS (What if you don't have mobile phone?). On the date of ‘registered’ samagam, devotee needs to go there with the counterfoil challan and a valid ID proof. Only these two documents can ensure a ‘pass’ for the samagam. Oh Gosh!!!! Is it an online test for CAT? Even UPSC doesn't ask for so much documents. The whole process from charging money from followers to issuing pass stretches the credulity about the veracity of these samagams. Why a spiritual guru who is out there needs original photo I-cards from his followers?
4. If Nirmal Baba is really endowed with divine power to do ‘anything’ that can be imagined, then what is stopping him from doing something ‘real’ for the humanity? Why his home country is still reeling under poverty? Yes, he is not responsible for poverty and destitution that India has, but certainly he is a living example of the reason behind the poverty of India.
5. Baba asks money from bank challan. That must be appreciated. It means to say that at least his earning through his followers is being recorded by official manner. Is it useful? Nah!! Some spiritual gurus in India are very shrewd. When it comes to money they can even surprise icons like Warren Buffet. They run lots of fake trusts and NGOs to avoid any taxes. Few years ago, a private Hindi news channel ran a story about some spiritual gurus who were showing the modus operandi of changing black money to white in India through their trusts and NGOs. Kirit Bhai was one of those gurus involved in that scandal. Then, as a college student I used to be a deep follower of Kirit Bhai, but........... [Do you want to see the power of Indian spiritual guru? If yes, then search IBN7 Video of that scandal involving four self styled gurus. I have just tried unsuccessfully. There is no video available.]
6. If Nirmal Baba is running a business then one should not object about that. But, why he over glorifies himself. Just watch a samagam and you will see people telling so much appreciating words about Baba ‘before baba’ and see a smiling Baba. That must be considered as the lowest level of self-glorification. He loves sycophants. [ On Aaj Tak (Nov. 2011) ---- Bhakt: Baba, In last Samagam I asked for a home and you gave me a Bungalow. Now, I want...this, this and that. Baba sitting on a royal chair just waved his hand. ----- ] So, Baba has given him a bungalow for just Rs. 2,000. What about Indira Aawaas Yojna? Government should forward money to Nirmal Baba, Nehru Place rather than spending money in Government schemes. Everyone involved in this new wave of pseudo spiritualism in India is doing a crime. From Aasharam Bapu, Kirit Bhai to this Nirmal Baba. Television Channels must tell viewers that these episodes are ADVERTISEMENT to sell a product, Government must regulate these Baba, and most importantly people who are feeling insecure should never think that these Baba can make them out of their quagmire.
7. One needs to see how people describe about the healing effects of Nirmal Baba. A student who was not studying since five years got job because of Nirmal Baba. Surprising, isn’t it? What about that student who remained in the waiting list despite studying to his capacity. There were so many sagas about results and jobs that you will instantly find the answer about the age long question that why India is not able to produce a Google, Microsoft, or i-Pod.
8. People like Nirmal Baba thrive on placebo effect. A person can be treated without any sort of medication if there is strong belief within him. 10% devotees who are told by Baba that they will be fine turn out to be fine only because of this Placebo Effect. 90% never get healed and they continue to wonder about their sins. (Example of Placebo Effect: Magnetic Therapy - It has been proved by rigorous scientific test that Magnetic Therapy doesn't have any therapeutic advantage, but still people are using it and surprisingly it has done wonder on some.) If your heart says that you SHOULD GET BETTER KNOW since you are being treated then more often than not you WILL. For information on Placebo Effect and how it applies to our batch of gurus see Wikipedia entry.
9. If you don’t have money then Nirmal Baba will not love you. He will not allow you to see his face without making a payment. I must mention here that he always bless all people who are present there and who are watching television programs.
10. What is the theory behind Daswand? He asks his followers to deposit a part of income to someone which may give a sort of guarantee for continuing KRIPA. That part of income which has been offered is called Daswand. The theory is quite simple. Talk with 100 people. Discuss in the most idiotic way about their problems. Give laughable solutions like eating 20 mangoes. And, leave that on the age long principle of Geeta. That is Karma. 10 out of hundred will definitely find themselves out of quagmire. Expect 2 out of those ten to send Daswand. And, keep earning money.(curtsy: IndiJobs)


  1. Nirmal Baba is a real fraud. He has created his empire through huge advertisement in Media which are passed as some kind of regular news programme. His solutions to all your problems are absured to the core. He does not care for poor people-everybody need to send 2000/- to just attend his Samagams. People are advised to send Dasavand for regular kripa. What does he do of all this money- no body knows. If all people start following his advice of keeping bundle of Rs. 10 notes india will face a huge financial problem. By the way- why don't keep Bundle of Notes of Rs. 100/- or 500/- or 1000/- or 50/- or 5/-? Unfortunately gullible people of India who have inherited a very devotional mindset become easy target of such fraudsters.

  2. टी वी चैनलों की ईजाद निर्मल बाबा सिर्फ एक दिन में चार करोड़ कमा कर अपने भक्तों का तो भला करें या न करें पर टी वी चैनलों का भला जरूर कर रहें हैं...

  3. Why he creates fear that not sending daswand can stop kripa. Just think one send 10% of ones income plus puts 5, 10,50, 500 to temples if he get daswand why pay more i temples just think Rs500, 50 etc. I dont want to get invloved but I saw him and believed him for 7 years sent money about for two years I found good and bad happen it will wether baba or no baba. In fact I got negative results also after I started sending him money and visiting few samagams.HE tells to not eat beef but use leather just think crores will buy leather accesories how many cows will get killed.
    We have seen in his samagams that people even after coming to PA with him complain of persisting problems Good bad time come in everyones life baba is not a magic wand he is just a good observer hit or miss is his hysteria. if people say yahan kaam nahi bana ap ke batlane par to woh angle mod dete hain he yahan hi kami hai strange

  4. andhi janta hai India ki in fraud babo ko sir per chada rakha hai jo paisa hai thoda bahut woh b in babaon k chakarroo mein pad k gawa rahay hai sabse bada dosh hamari kamini govt. ka hai jo in sab bhrasht fake babaon k sath mil kar aam janta k paiso ka share khaati hai

  5. Nirmal baba to apna business kar raha hai. bavkoof to vo log hai jo uske pas jate hai

    vo to logon ko chutiya banana janta hai or log ban bhi jate hai.


  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Responsible and ethical media need to expose this fraudster. Its highly dangerous for the society !!!

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  10. he is really a fraud big fraud farji hai saala mai to joote maaru usko agar mere saamne aae to

  11. He is not Nirmal baba but 'Nirlaj Baba'. It's amazing how stupid people follow him. Maha chor hai saala.

  12. We are curious about how and where the incoming money is being used. Is it a NGO or a business house. If this is business house who is running the show (Samagam) and whether if it is for profit or is it in the interest of the people? The matter that forces us to ask the question is the amount of money that is being collected. Assuming there are some 5-10 * thousand people visiting Nirmal Darbaar every day the amount stands 10,000 x 2,000 = 2,00,00,000 OR 5,000 x 1,000 = 1,00,00,000 So when there is this enormous sum in circulation with him, then is he putting it in good use for the betterment of society or is it going in another Swiss account? And if he is refusing to unwrap the information, subsequently it points towards something fishy. As we have told earlier, to attend in Darbaar (assemblies in which he makes his appearances), the entry fee for every person above 2 years is INR 2,000 (according to his website ), they have to submit the fee in Baba's account before coming and the Samagam (assembly) is not laid down until there is surety of bulk of people attend the same. One must also not forget the money and expensive gifts that he receives from his followers apart from the registration made to attend his Samagams. To add more, he even asks for Dasavand to continue with the Kripa which means continuous add-on to the already growing riches. The question has yet not been answered by either him or the administrative body handling the large amounts coming through the “lordship� of his. He has 7 major Samagams this month alone in Mumbai and New Delhi, 22 major Samagams till August apart from the other less significant Samagams (in accordance to the number of people attending it)

  13. Nirmal Baba, this man solves the problems of many people but has never been seen charging anything. However he is getting crores of rupees every day. The internet tells that in the last one year, Nrimal Baba saw a rise of 400 percent in his followers. There is no break for ads on his television programs aired on more than 35 channels across the world. How Nirmal baba gets the money: Nirmal Baba has simple solutions to the problems. He tells to keep money in black purse and a 10 rupee bundle in almirah. Every person who visits Nirmal Baba's durbar is asked to deposit Rs.2000 in a bank before coming. In case even 20 thousand people come to the durbar, the total amount that is collected is around Rs.4 crore, as per the reports. Such durbars are held in an indoor stadium and if 15 are held then Baba gets Rs.60 crore as entry fee. The baba has to give only the rent of the stadium, security and audio visual system. The durbar is held for a few hours only. Nirmal Baba is famous across major social networking websites including Facebook and Twitter. His website describes almost nothing about it. Some serious questions are rising on his income. Nirmal Baba should clarify how and where he invests the money he gets.

  14. you are all absolutely correct have you noticed that a common man is cheating another common man wondering wht, think bot these Media people they are more interested in making money some or the other ways they are also involved this game. we refer news channels for getting knowledge sorry to say but now a days news channels are guiding us the wrong way do you guys know these news channels have been highly paid for the one hour forecsat for baba shows. its not wrong saying they are interested in poketing themselves. sorry if it hurts anyone note it its fact.

  15. When someone told me about this BABA, I began watching him on TV shows. Most of the channels telecast his samagam recordings as Advertisement. Baba says, "Yahan prachar nahi hai". Then what is this? Everyday more and more people are adding to his followers list. Sending money as Daswand and even deposit 2000 bulks for each samagam. Baba is earning crores of rupees in a month. Where does this money go to? We indians are talking of black money, but never care to help these Babas gather money that is of no use to the public. Apart from this, Baba tells his followers to donate 50 or 500 rupees to GOD. OMG Bhagwan ko bhi Baba ne rishwatkhor bana dala!


  17. madarchod pakahndi hai sala chutiya bna rha hai sbko hmare hindustan mai kami b to nhi hai hai babkoofo ki hath k safai ko jadu samjh lete hai ....

  18. Yes @ all.........

  19. Is this not the duty of news channels to disclose the truth instead of showing the fraud programs. It is not just baba but both media and government. Media just keeps on showing these craps and government does nothing. And the gr8 fool people have got nothing other than believing them. Corruption in India has got no solution. God save the country.

  20. Those who don't believe themselves believe these stupid Babas.

    Getting Kripa is now at your finger tips !!

    Technology has advanced so much favoring these fraud Babas. Why only TV? Let Internet should also serve your purpose Baba.


    Create a website, put a wishlist (like I want "home", "car", "land" etc) and ask fools to buy 'kripa' through credit cards. Charges to be applied depending on what they wish. He can also provide their followers kripa online accounts which can be recharged once the balance comes to zero. Poor desperate and blind people should be able to recharge their Kripa account anytime and anywhere. There should be discount if followers want to get long duration kripa subscription.

  21. We are stupid people who get disguised by such intelligent and very highly confident people!!

  22. Mere ko ek baat samaj me nahi aati, uski website pe likha hai Rs. 2000/- for entry in samagam per person..

    Most strenge thing is he is charging childerns above 2 years !!!!!!!!!!!! ye kya hawai jahaz ki trip hai kya jo 2 yrs above child have to pay Rs. 2000/- !!!!!!!!!

  23. people should woke agains such superstitions then only india can grow and fight successfully agains poverty ,misery, unemployement, useless customs and traditions and illeteracy !

  24. I am bit relieved now seeing a fraud disclosure against this shameless Baba. Thanks to Start News to bring this fact about his fraudulent practices. Hope people will now wake up. Anyone who is reading this blog, please spread the message around. Let us help our country and people know that their emotional believe is blackmailed.

    I request again to all media to work together to get rid of this kind of fraud people so called Baba. Not all but few are like this. They never think of the poor people of the country. Only one thing they know is how to cheat people and get their money to become crorepati. They never think to any good of the people and country.

    Thanks to start news again.

  25. Sorry for typo error on above post:)

    Start News = Star News

  26. i read about nirmal baba in
    and it was really shocking to make such big money by making fool to Indian


  28. we should not say something wrong about anyone without knowing the actual fact....

  29. Nirmal baba is fraud. Idk why educated people get scammed by these low IQ crooks.
    Nirmal baba has an IQ lower than room temperature. Hahahhahahahahha!

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  64. Harish Veer Singh conspired against Nirmal Baba and will be arrested soon - News 24 video as proof -

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  66. Chutiya hai ye baba or bevkoof h log Jo ESE mantle h ....

  67. How nirmal baba makes money:
    1. Exploits people with blind faith who are easily fooled
    2. Has his own people in the audience with script to ask question to build up confidence of new visitors.
    3. You can easily spot that these are paid questioners (kiraye ke tattoo) because of their great confidence in public speaking.
    4. He is offering an option from other gurus by giving very simple solutions for the layman like visiting a place and giving some charity or removing some object from your house etc.. He is aware that these solutions may take some time to complete like 1/2 months and anyway as per law of probability 50% will come true due to lapse of time so 50% who got results will furthur advertise his powers ( even if they did not visit him or follow his solutions their problems would get ok anyway) . So most of these gurus make use of the law of chances.
    5. You can see that Nirmal baba is having a ball because he is making money at the cost of people with blind faith and he can get away by saying anything . There is no agency to stop him from making fools of people.

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