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TV reporter Lana Murphy using swear word during live broadcast, apologises

Australia: A TV reporter in Australia was caught on camera using a swear word during a live broadcast and the moment was widely shared on social media.

Lana Murphy, a Nine News Melbourne journalist accidentally used the f-word on air as she fumbled to get the name of a place right. The television reporter was talking about the spread of the coronavirus in Victoria when she stumbled mid-sentence, laughed and was heard muttering “f**ck my life” causing the camera crew to break into laughter. She then tried to keep calm by laughing it off and fixing her hair in preparation for another take, when the camera quickly cut back to the studio where anchor Alicia Loxley took over without reacting to the incident.
However, Loxley later apologised to viewers for the blunder. “We’d like to apologise for an earlier report which inadvertently included some bad language,’’ she said. As the segment from the afternoon bulletin started doing rounds across social media platforms, the reporter issued an apology on Twitter and also explained what went wrong after many wondered why the gaffe wasn’t edited out.

Some ‘live-cross’ segments are pre-recorded before they are broadcast live on the show, and a wrong version was selected for the bulletin. “Unfortunately the wrong version (clearly) of a pre-record made it to air but thankfully I have a great boss and I’ll be back on your screens tomorrow,” she wrote.

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