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England: Guinness World Record for speedy electric ice cream van

England: A British inventor has achieved a Guinness World Record for the fastest electric ice cream van by reaching a speed of just over 70 miles per hour in his eco-friendly vehicle.

It's taken Edd China, who has won several records before, over two years to 'electrify' his van, which originally had a diesel engine. Ahead of the attempt in March this year which took place on an airstrip in Yorkshire an official Guinness World Record's adjudicator said China had to reach speeds of just under 70 miles per hour in order to be awarded the record, the first of it's kind. China, in his van named Edd's Electric Ices, scooped the award by getting up to 73.921 mph. He celebrated afterwards by posing for pictures with his certificate - and eating ice cream.
While it's nice to get awards according to a press release China created a conversion kit for ice cream vans to move from diesel to electric to help combat emissions - an idea he hopes will be used around the world. China's Guinness World Record will feature in the 2021 edition of the book, which is out from September 17.

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