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China: 400 drones light up night sky in Wuhan to show respect for locals

Wuhan, China: A light show was performed by 400 drones in Wuhan City, central China's Hubei Province at Sunday night, to pay respect for the Wuhan residents.

At 20:00 Sunday, the 400 drones took off from Wuhan's Central Cultural District and gave a performance at a height of 249 meters. Equipped with colorful LEDs, these drones displayed the images of Wuhan's landmark architectures including the Yellow Crane Tower and Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge as well as Chinese characters to remind the public of the city's changes and development over the years, and pay respect to its people who fought bravely against the COVID-19 epidemic and the flood disaster.
The Wuhan residents were deeply moved by such words as "Wuhan has awakened, and future will be better", and "Let's stand together and share the same future". A resident said that all people share a common future is what Wuhan people learned during the epidemic. Wuhan is recovering from the epidemic and the floods, and people living in Wuhan will have a brighter future.

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