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Monsoon floods wreak havoc in Bangladesh

Louhajang, BangladeshHundreds of people have been left stranded after monsoon rain floods devastated parts of Bangladesh. In Louhajong, 65 kilometres from the capital Dhaka, villagers have taken to boats and rafts to travel through the floodwaters, with the occasional person swimming through the water.

Floodwaters burst through sandbag walls built in a bid to protect the village, many homes have been left knee-deep in water leaving many residents feeling helpless. Earlier this week, officials said hundreds of thousands of people in Bangladesh have been marooned and thousands of hectares of farmland submerged, as floods triggered by monsoon rains ravage the country already grappling with the coronavirus.

Flooding in Bangladesh has been made worse by heavy rains in the neighbouring Indian state of Assam. Millions have been forced to flee their homes in Assam after the Brahmaputra river that flows from Tibet into India and then into Bangladesh burst its banks.
The floods are another headache for Bangladesh as it struggles to control the coronavirus outbreak with lockdowns across the country. There are now more than 216,110 confirmed cases and more than 2,801 deaths.

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