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Chinese mainland reports 61 new confirmed COVID-19 cases Sunday

China: Chinese health authority said Monday that it received reports of 61 new confirmed COVID-19 cases on the Chinese mainland Sunday, 57 of which were local infections.

Of the local infections, 41 came from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, 13 from Liaoning Province and two from Jilin Province, the National Health Commission said in its daily report. No deaths and no suspected case were reported on Sunday, the commission said. Also on Sunday, 10 cases were discharged from hospital, and 228 close contacts ended their medical observation. The number of severe cases increased by three on Sunday from the previous day.

There were 80 confirmed imported cases on Sunday, with two in severe conditions; there were still three suspected COVID-19 cases, the commission said. By the end of Sunday, the Chinese mainland had reported a total of 2,049 imported cases with zero death and 1,969 discharged from hospital.

As of 00:00 Monday, the total number of confirmed cases on the Chinese mainland had reached 83,891, including 339 cases still under treatment, with 21 in severe conditions. Altogether 78,918 patients had been discharged from hospital and 4,634 had died of the disease, the commission said. A total of 781,406 close contacts had been traced, with 13,935 still under medical observation by the day.

The commission said that 44 new asymptomatic cases were reported on the mainland, including one imported case, and 31 asymptomatic cases that were later confirmed to active COVID-19 cases on Sunday. Three imported cases were released from medical observation on Sunday and 302 asymptomatic cases, including 88 imported ones, were still under medical observation, according to the commission.

By the end of Sunday, the commission received reports of 2,633 confirmed cases with 18 deaths from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), 46 confirmed cases, from Macao SAR and 458 confirmed cases, including seven deaths, from Taiwan.

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