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i9 Media launches magazine for rural India

Keeping in mind the growing importance of rural India for marketers, i9 Media has launched a new magazine, ‘Rural and Marketing’. Praveen K Singh has been roped in as Editor-in-Chief of the magazine. The monthly magazine has a cover price of Rs 80, with a print run of 15,000 copies.‘Rural and Marketing’ will showcase the real concerns of rural areas and give pan-India coverage on the issues concerned in the hinterlands of the country.

Commenting on the magazine’s launch, Praveen K Singh said, “With this magazine we aim to bridge the gap between rural and urban India and bring to light the finer points of the rural bases, which go unnoticed by the mainstream media. It will identify the loose gaps and will fill them with analytical and informed stories, thus, making an efficient flow in terms of a knowledge base on rural India.”

Singh further said that the magazine would create a platform for all the stakeholders of rural marketing to expand their base and get bigger in order to reach each strata of the nation.The magazine is targeted at policy makers, bureaucrats/ technocrats, corporate houses having rural orientation, ministries, government departments and various B-Schools. Commenting on the niche magazine marketing shaping up in India, Singh said, “Nowadays, niche magazines with their defined readership and advertisers are thriving at a much faster rate than general magazines. Niche publications serving deeply interested audiences will continue to flourish.”

Advertisers from various industry verticals such as automobile, FMCG products, IT companies and the public sector have shown interest in the publication. The distribution will be through newsstands and subscriptions. The ad-edit ratio has been kept at 60:40. The magazine will be available in all major cities as well as Tier II and III towns. The magazine also has digital presence in the form of a website, online edition, e-newsletter and e-alerts.


  1. This was a much-awaited launch. It will surely aid the companies looking to tap the immense potential of rural India. The vast land of rural India.
    Well done Mr Praveen K Singh. My best wishes to you and and your team.


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