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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Media houses to stay shut to protest scribe attack

-Times of India
ITANAGAR: The Arunachal Press Club (APC) and the Arunachal Pradesh Union of Working Journalists on Monday (APUWJ) held a discussion on the brutal attack at Arunachal Times associate editor, resolving to shut down all media houses on Tuesday in protest. It also decided to boycott all news and advertisements of the state government for 15 days, which will be reviewed if the culprit is arrested within the period.The organizations demanded that the state government book the attacker under non-bailable section within seven days and the case be fast-tracked through a special court to award exemplary punishment to the culprit. The organizations said that the case should otherwise be handed over to the CBI. 
Mediapersons in the state vociferously objected to unabated attacks on the media, saying that no action is taken by law-enforcing agencies and the court against such attacks. They said the attack on journalist Tongam Rina was possible due to the lawlessness in the state capital.The meeting of APC and APUWJ construed the attack on Rina as an attack on the entire press fraternity. They demanded that all the pending cases relating to attacks on media and mediapersons should be re-opened and handed over to an IPS-ranked officer to charge-sheet all the cases on a time-bound manner. They demanded that the cases should also be forwarded to first class magistrate, as announced by the government on April 15 last, to specifically dispose such cases within three months.

The members also resolved to send a delegation to New Delhi and Guwahati to stage protest and highlight the repeated atrocities being committed on the press fraternity while the government remains a silent spectator giving only lip service."The management of all media houses should provide security within three days in the press establishment for the security of the working staff and hi-definition CCTV cameras should be installed forthwith for security reasons," the meeting resolved.The bodies also demanded that managements and publishers stand behind the cause of the media fraternity. However, if any journalist is victimized, all the journalist of that mediahouse will resign en-masse.


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