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FIR against Fraud Nirmal Baba

Lucknow: There is all possibility that Nirmal Baba will face an investigation after two young kids attempted to file an FIR in a local police station here in Lucknow. According to sources, Tanya (16) and Aditya (13) studying in class XII and X respectively, went to the Gomti Nagar police station to file an FIR against Delhi-based Nirmal Baba. 

They allege that the Baba is cheating the gullible people of the country in the name of religion and fear of god. They also said that the methods used by Nirmal Baba to 'cure' the problems of the people are instrumental in instilling superstitious belief in the society. Tanya and Aditya are the children of UP IAS officer Amitabh Thakur and social worker Dr. Nutan Thakur. They had attempted to file the FIR on Tuesday itself but the officials turned down their request. On Wednesday the children again approached the police station with their plea. 

In their request (a copy of which is with Pardaphash) the children have stated that Nirmal Baba is fraudulently making money through unscrupulous methods thereby dealing a severe blow to the progress of the society. They have requested that a case of cheating under IPC section 417, 419, 420 and a case of using Divine displeasure as a tool for own benefit under section 508 of the IPC be lodged against Nirmal Baba. The station incharge has received the letter but an FIR is yet to be filed. The station incharge said that a probe will be undertaken in this matter. As for Tanya and Aditya, the children vowed to continue to fight against Nirmal Baba.


  1. Nirmal baba is thief,fraud.i support these kids.good job.

  2. People like nirmal baba are bullshits bastards,should b severely punished

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