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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

History of real Nirmal Baba

According to Nirmal's brother-in-law Inder Singh Namdhari, he married Baba’s sister in 1964 when Nirmal was only 13-14 years old. In an interview to a local daily, Namdhari said that Nirmal’s father was murdered so his mother had asked Namdhari to take Nirmal away and help him set up a business.
In 1970-71, Baba reached Medininagar and stayed there till 1981-82. He shifted to Ranchi in 1984 but returned to Delhi in the same year. He set up his business in Modinagar in 1981-82, he had a brick kiln named ‘Nirmal Eent’ there. Baba got a mining contract in Bahragoda (Jharkhand) in 1998-99. Namdhari said that Nirmal became spiritual during this time and he became Nirmal Baba.
Even Nirmal Baba’s family is tightlipped about the incident that transformed a business man into a spiritual guru. Namdhari, who does not approve of Baba’s ways, said that if a man has been given special powers by God then these powers should be used for public good. He questioned that why is there a need to publicise those powers? He added that people with such power should keep public welfare before fame. It should be noted that almost every TV channel carries Nirmal Baba’s advertisements.
HIS FAMILY: His family shifted to India during the partition in 1947. Nirmal Baba has an elder brother who is living in Ludhiana. Nirmal married the daughter of Dilip Bagga, from Jharkhand. He has a son and a daughter.


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