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Sunday, March 18, 2012

New dawn after Naxalite captives in Jharkhand

By Nalini Tewari Rajput  
Chaibasa: They were rape victims but there are life now changing for better time.  35 sturdy trainee girls belonging to core area of Saranda forest getting training for private security guard under Project “Rupantaran”. According to Bhanu Pratap Singh,DIG of CRPF, " We wanted to rehabilitate the rape victims so that they can lead a nice life with financial security." 

The project “Rupataran” is a joint venture of 197 Bn, CRPF and Sahyog to provide security guard training for tribal girls from core area of Saranda viz Tirilposi, Digha, Reda, Raibera etc for those who are vulnerable to immoral trafficking and Naxal violence. Founded in 2004, Sahyog The Miracle Foundation (STMF) is a non-profit organisation based in Delhi, India, and focused on empowering children to reach their full potential, one child at a time. 

Working in various states throughout India, the goal of STMF is to help children-who, unfortunately, have lost their parents—to break the cycle of poverty and become self-sustaining citizens of India. The emphasis is on non-institutional care for the children, with institutional care given only as a last resort. Uday Pratap Singh said the main objective of project “ Rupantaran” is to empower tribal girls by giving them opportunities of an alternative livelihood and instilling a sense of hope amongst the poor people to start visualizing for the improvement of their economic and social position to have a better future especially for their girl child to prevent them from immoral trafficking and exploitations by naxals. 

After the successful completion of special operation “Anaconda” in Saranda forest last year, the district administration and MoRD, Govt. of India are gearing up developmental projects through official channel however CRPF is also involved in mitigating social evil of Naxalism through their non-governmental ways through the help of registered NGOs like STMF.   Media witnessed the one hour programme by the trainee girls under the watchful guidance of their instructors provided by 197 Bn, CRPF and took stock of the present position in Saranda and the progress of their training. 

Demo on Physical Training and Foot Drill apart from other cultural programmes were displayed before the audience by the trainee girls. A joint photography session along with tea and snacks were arranged by the 197 Bn CRPF in thepresence of unit officers led by Mr. Lal Chand Yadav, Commandant 197 Bn, CRPF. The whole programme was co-ordinated by Mr. Munna Singh, Deputy Commandant, 197 Bn, CRPF who is also the overall in-charge of Project “Rupantaran” at 197 Bn, CRPF.