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Torrential rains trigger landslides in southwest, northwest China, relief works are underway

Chongqing, China: Seasonal torrential rains have pelted parts of southwest China's Chongqing Municipality and northwest China's Shaanxi Province over the past few days, flooding local rivers and triggering landslides.

Disaster relief works are underway in Chongqing after heavy rain triggered landslides last Thursday, damaging many roads. The torrential downpour led to landslides at sections of the national highways of 318 and 348 in Wanzhou District. Among them, the mountain torrents destroyed the original barricade at the junction of National Highway 318 and Longli Village in Wanzhou District, causing a large-scale landslide with a volume of more than 4,000 cubic meters, disrupting traffic at the highway.

Local authorities have rushed to clear the debris the first time by using some professional equipment, such as excavators, loaders and others. "We estimate that it will take four days to remove the landslide mass, and then we will send mechanical equipment to set up barriers. We will also repave the road with concrete, which is expected to be completed in about 10 days," said Jiang Bo, secretary of Wanzhou Construction Project of No. Three Engineering Co., Ltd. under the CCCC First Highway Engineering Co., Ltd.
So far, single-lane traffic has been resumed after the debris was cleared away on Wednesday. Meanwhile, a rainstorm on Thursday led to large-scale landslides at sections at the National Highway 541 in Zhenping County of Ankang City, Shaanxi Province.

A mass of rock and debris, measuring about 12,000 cubic meters, slide down a slope, cutting off a stretch of the roadway, disrupting local traffic. The local authorities immediately mobilized workers and machinery to unblock the road. It is estimated that traffic will be resumed on Friday afternoon.

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