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hiding truth is anti-national, Don’t care if stating truth on China costs my political career- Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday  sharpened his attack on the Modi government over the Chinese intrusions in Ladakh, saying that "hiding the truth" and allowing China to occupy Indian land is "anti-national" and bringing it to people's attention is "patriotic".

"The Chinese have occupied Indian land. Hiding the truth and allowing them to take it is anti-national. Bringing it to people's attention is patriotic," Gandhi said in a tweet attaching his fourth video in a series. In the video titled 'Tough questions on China', the Congress MP from Kerala's Wayanad said, "As an Indian, my number one priority is the nation and its people."

Firing a salvo at the government, Gandhi said, "How do you react to people who say your questions to the Prime Minister on China, weaken India?" The Congress leader said, "Now, it is pretty clear that the Chinese have entered our territory. This disturbs me. It frankly makes my blood boil. How can some other nation just come into our territory?"
He said "now if you as a politician want me to keep quiet and lie to my people, when I'm absolutely convinced I have seen the satellite photos." "I speak to the ex-army people. If you want me to lie that the Chinese have not entered this country I'm not gonna lie. I simply will not do it. I don't care if my whole career goes to hell. I'm not going to lie," the Congress leader said attacking the government over the military face-off with China in eastern Ladakh's Galwan valley.

He said, "I think the people who are lying about Chinese entering our country are the people that are not nationalistic." "I think the people who are lying and who are saying the Chinese are not in India, they are the people who are not patriotic. So frankly, I don't care if it costs me politically. I don't care if I have no political career at all after that," he said. He also said "but, I'm going to say the truth as far as Indian territory is concerned".
During the all-party meeting, the Prime Minister had said that China has not entered into India's land. On July 17, Gandhi released his first video and questioned the government's foreign policy. He slammed the Modi government over the face-off with China in Ladakh. He said China chose this time to intrude in our land as India's foreign policy, economy and relationship with neighbouring countries are disrupted.

In his second video released on July 20, the Congress leader said Modi fabricated a "fake" strongman image to come to power and now his biggest strength is "India's biggest weakness". On July 23, in his third video the Congress leader attacked the Prime Minister over the India-China border face-off saying he is 100 per cent focused on building his own image and "one man's image is not a substitute for a national vision".

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