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Shortage of staff in Prasar Bharati affecting its functioning

NEW DELHI(PTI): There are nearly 8,469 vacancies in All India Radio and 5,753 posts vacant in Doordarshan and the shortage of staff was affecting the functioning of public broadcaster Prasar Bharati, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry on Tuesday said. "There are approximately 8,469 posts vacant in All India Radio and 5,753 posts vacant in Doordarshan in various categories. These vacancies have arisen due to retirement, resignation and death of officers/staff," Minister of state in the I&B ministry C M Jatua said. 

"The shortage of staff has affected the functioning of Prasar Bharati," he said in response to a question in Lok Sabha.Jatua also said the proposal for setting up of Prasar Bharati Recruitment Board for recruiting employees and for framing recruitment Registrations Rules in respect of Prasar Bharati employees is under inter-ministerial consultation."Prasar Bharati recruitment can commence as soon as these are approved," Jatua said. In response to another question, Jatua said some associations and channels have expressed reservations over empanelment policy of Department of Audio Visual Publicity (DAVP) which was issued in May and the matter was under consideration.


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