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Nirmal Baba bought Rs 1.80 cr flat & hotel using donations

New Delhi: The controversy surrounding Nirmal Baba seems to bring out shocking revelations everyday. In another revelation, the spiritual guru has been accused of purchasing a hotel while using the donations from his followers, a newspaper report claimed. He also bought an Rs 1.80 crore flat from devotees’ money, the apartment seller confirmed.

The shocking reports about Nirmal Baba have led to the degradation of his popularity graph amongst the followers. According to a Jharkhand daily, he bought a hotel in city’s Greater Kailash area for a whopping Rs 30 crore. The daily claimed that the hotel was bought using the devotees’ money arising out of Samagam and Daswant.

The former owner of the hotel revealed that the godman wanted to open a chain of hotels. The market value of the hotel currently is valued at Rs 35 crore. Meanwhile, the owner of the Rs 1.80 crore flat, bought by the godman, has stepped forward to confirm that it was purchased from devotees’ money. The former owner of the flat, Neelam Kapoor, was tracked by STAR News who later confirmed the purchase by the godman. According to a Jharkhand daily, Nirmal Baba had transferred money in her account to seal the deal. Nirmal Baba also owns a massive home in the city. His family has chosen to keep mum about his transformation from a business man into a wealthy spiritual guru.