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Social distancing: Giant teddy bears keep customers apart at Mexico City cafe

Mexico: A Mexico City cafe is using giant teddy bears to encourage customers to maintain social distancing. Located in the capital's chic Polanco district, Jaso Bakery is placing the bears on seats at its outdoor tables to keep its diners at a safe distance from each other.

"This idea with these great teddy bears, I think everyone likes it. As a kid having a bear, I still have my teddy bear to this day. From when I was born to now more than 70 years of age. That is why I came to this place, to have a drink and to help out (the business), and for us to be aware of social distancing." said Luz Maria, a diner.

Another diner Luan Clrlos said, "The idea of putting teddy bears (at tables), I think it's a simple idea that looks really good. It helps the place out as it doesn't look so sad (with reduced patron numbers). And if you come with a face mask and keep your distance, businesses are doing what they possibly can to make it safe to come. You can't ask a business to close for another three months."
With coronavirus infections in Mexico's capital still running high, patrons and cafe staff agree that the giant toys are an effective and light-hearted way of promoting the message of keeping oneself safe during the pandemic. As of Sunday, July 26, Mexico has more than 385,000 coronavirus cases and more than 43,000 deaths. 

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