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Inspiring story of a village girl: Your right action can change many perceptions

In a village there was a family and they had only female child, many suggests them to try for another male child because female child were regarded as burden and male child as blessings of God and males are supporter of old parents. its believed that parents can't achieve moksha (liberation ) after death unless death ceremonies is not done by male child.

They ignore every advises or social evils and never think for male child . Parents never went to school but they knew important of education and decided to educate their daughter .

When she was growing up, many people sent them marriage proposals but they refused it. After passing middle school many said that its enough for female and education is not for women's .

People's asked to her parents what she'll do being educated, after all she will be house wife and have to manage kitchen and kids . Many suggests to her parents "arrange her marriage and be free from your responsibility" .

Her dad, replied to society " as of now my responsibility is to educate and support her ". I'll be free from my responsibilities by arranging her marriage but what about her life ? So, "I can't put her into trouble" .

After passing High School, parents decided to send her to city for better education, here also many demoralised and criticized and warned that " your daughter is going to out of home and she'll cut your nose (infamous you) by misusing your money and her freedom .

Parents believed in their daughter just the way their daughter is well manner and cultured. Her parents worked hard and save money. She went to city for heigher education and to fulfill dreams of her parents.

After some years she came back to home with MBBS degree and proved everyone wrong and her papa was right. Once who used to criticise them now they're role model and inspiration for them and now villagers are ready to educate and send their daughter to city.

Moral : It always seems impossible until it's done and girls child aren't burden, they're the blessings of nature. If parents were demoralised or accepted the advice of Villagers then they would be never inspiration and role model for villagers and their daughter would be never educated .

Moral : never give up and focus on your goals . It may take time but one day it'll bring a good result and If she were misused her parents Money and her freedom then she would never be success and no parents would be ready to educate their daughters . Your right action can change many perceptions , be the parents or daughter like them , its real women empowerment and feminism.

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