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Monday, July 9, 2012

Jordan MP whips out gun, hurls shoe in live TV show

A Jordanian lawmaker loses temper during a live talk show, whipping out a gun and hurling his shoe at his rival.
Amman:Mohammad Shawabka accused former deputy Mansur Murad of working as a spy for the Syrian government during the program, which was aired on the private satellite channel Jo Sat on July 6. “You are a spy in the pay of” the Syrian government, Shawabka said. Murad, in return, accused Shawabka of being a spy in the pay of the Israeli Mossad agency and said the lawmaker was “a thief.” 
Shawabka then lost his temper and hurled his shoe at Murad. He also threatened the former lawmaker with a pistol. The trade of accusations during a live TV program comes at a time when Jordanians have been holding demonstrations on an almost regular basis since January 2011 to demand political reforms.On May 7, Jordanian King Abdullah II issued a statement calling for “fair and transparent parliamentary elections before the end of this year.” Many commentators believe that the Western media remain silent toward the demonstrations in Jordan, shifting the public attention to the turmoil in Syria.