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Technology Mirror launched from Bikaner

District Collector Prathviraj singh launched TM   
'Technology Mirror', a fortnightly newspaper launched from Bikaner in the gracious presence of District Collector Mr.Prathviraj singh and Ms. Priyanka Goswami, District Magistrate, Bikaner. This is the first fortnightly in the entire country which covers relevant topics like technology domain, Education and Healthcare Technology & try to bring new dimensions in these sectors. 

Mr. Prathviraj Singh said that “This is very good initiative for youth and we need this type of media attention on youth relevant topics”. Editor of the TM said that “Our only aim is to provide people with upcoming & trending news content about technology which targets both the youth & the teenagers of the nation. As said & proven that good education & relevant knowledge are the base of a better career path, thus we are adding our bit in making that foundation stronger” 

Technology Mirror is a fortnightly newspaper from Bikaner and aims to release it on daily bases. Our target audience is people who loves the technology & want to gain more information about it. We are also trying to make the general public aware about the technology thus making them technology friendly by imparting knowledge that how can technology will make their lives more easier & comfortable. 

Executive Editor of TM Mr. Nabhanshu said that “We are a group of technology lovers which strives to give the best & complete knowledge about current IT trends, openings in the sector, education & career options in public & private domain to our readers. We provide our highest level of efforts to our readers in form of news & updates that can help them in increasing their knowledge, help them in their current education & help them in choosing a right career path for themselves. Our one motto is to engage the youth with the help of trending technology initiatives thus giving them the power to shape up their future. The only possible medium for this is to making them accessible to education, technology & new ideas which attracts them, this is our prime focus.”  TM reach to a wider audience in form of printed & digital media.


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