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Ludhiana couple allege fraud against Nirmal Baba

Cheater's Choice : Inderjit Anand and his wife Poonam Anand
Ludhiana: A couple from Nirmal Baba’s hometown Ludhiana has accused him of duping them financially. Ludhiana based businessman Inderjit Anand and his wife recently wrapped up their business from Japan and returned to their hometown. They were followers of Nirmal Baba, but are completely taken aback after the fraud. 

Inderjit is a cloth merchant while his wife owns a boutique. One of their family friends suggested them a lucrative offer of earning Rs 5 lakhs by just by depositing a cheque of Rs 1 crore into their bank account. However, their account got sealed as the bank suspected fraudulent counterfeit cheque putting the couple is distress and agony. “Our business got stabled a few months back and we thought it was only because of Nirmal Baba. I also donated Rs 2100 into his trust. I never knew he would cheat us like this. We are completely bankrupt and have nothing left in our accounts,” cries Poonam. 

Narrating the incident Poonam says: “Gupta (family-friend) had asked us to put the cheque of Rs 1 crore and seven lakhs into our account and after encashing it we would get Rs 5 lakhs as commission. This is a usual deal that happens in the business to convert white money into black, Gupta told us. He also said he has many people to do it as well. We immediately grabbed the offer as were desperate in need of money.” Since the bank could not give them such an enormous the same day, Anand gave Gupta the cash into two parts (Rs 65 lakh+Rs 35 lakh) in the next two days. Anand was surprised and took it as a blessing of Nirmal Baba that he profited Rs 7 lakhs from just putting a crore’s cheque into the bank.

However, the delight turned into sorrow the next day when the bank manager called them up telling them the cheque is not genuine. Interestingly, the cheque had signatures of Nirmal Baba who spoke to the Anands later on and called them fraud instead. Also,  Nirmal denied giving any cheque to Guptal. An FIR has been filed at a police station in the city and police are investigating into the matter. (source:newsbullet


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