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'Fraud' Nirmal Baba's family ashamed of him!

Ludhiana : Nirmal Baba, who has thousands of followers in India, faces criminal and forgery cases against him and now his own family members seem to be ashamed of his deeds. His family members do not want their names to be associated with Nirmal Baba, who is currently famous as "fraud" godman.Nirmal Baba's family stays in Ludhiana, Punjab. His elder brother Manjit Singh Narula reportedly requested the media not to disclose their address. According to Mr Manjit, they do not have any connection with Nirmal Baba who has not even come to visit his 94-year-old mother since last ten years.

No one in their village knows that Nirmal Baba is his own brother, claimed Mr Manjit who did not allow the media persons to take his images. The spiritual leader's brother said that he (Nirmal Baba) left their home soon after completing his studies and used to stay in Jharkhand with their sister.However, Mr Manjit, while appreciating his younger brother's talent, claimed that Nirmal Baba must have some special charm which has impressed people who have finally become his followers.

Earlier on Monday, Apr 24 a report stated that Nirmal Baba might be arrested soon as Bihar police would move a court seeking an arrest warrant against the guru over cheating and forgery cases filed against him.The "fraud" godman is accused of demanding 10 per cent of the salary from all those who visit him to seek solutions to their problems. he takes Rs 2,000 from every participant who wishes to be a part of his commune, 'samagam', though he overruled all such allegations against him.
A sting operation by a TV channel reportedly exposed Nirmal Baba's involvement in black marketing during the recently held samagam in Delhi. According to reports, a ticket of the samagam of Nirmal Baba is sold for Rs 5,000 in black market. Despite the fact that the opening and closing of ticket registration is being notified by the official website of Nirmal Baba, the aides of the "godman" offer tickets to those people who can afford to pay the huge amount of money for the tickets on the spot. The channel also showed how close aides of Nirmal Baba take money as 'donations' in a 'black bag' before providing prasad [elaichi (green cardamom), misri (sugar crystals)] of Nirmal Baba.