Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nirmal Baba's popularity down after the media revelation

New Delhi: The popularity graph of Nirmaljit Singh Narula, widely known as Nirmal Baba has taken a plunge after the media's revelation about his acquired assets. It could be said as the major downfall of his whooping followers list after Pardaphash showed curiosity about his alleged acquired assets.
As per the recent updates, there is a drastic fall in numbers as earlier Baba’s accounts were filled by over 4500 devotees but on Friday Nirmaljit Singh could only managed to collect ‘dasavant’ (money he charge from people to enter his samagam) from about 1800 people.

Earlier, in an interview, Nirmal Baba revealed that his turnover is around Rs 238 crore. Nirmal baba’s divine powers have also come under people’s scanner and now country’s majority of population want to know about the spiritual guru. An acquaintance to Nirmal Baba, Nand Kumar Gupta, who is from Jharkhand, said that he knows Nirmaljit Singh since he was a businessman. Gupta asked that how is it possible that a person whom he knows can suddenly turn God-like for all. 
Inderjit Anand from Ludhiana said that he received a cheque for Rs 1.07 crore from his friend on February 22. He promised to give Rs 5 lakh as a profit to him for getting it cleared. He further said that he was surprised when he saw the cheque signed by Nirmal Darbar, Delhi. Anand also said that when he inquired about the matter, he found that Nirmal Baba wanted to invest the money through him. He then deposited the cheque for clearance and the money was transferred to Anand’s account. 
Later Anand received a call from the bank stating that there was something wrong in the cheque and he had to rectify it. He asked his friend to arrange the money but he kept on delaying the issue. He was informed by the insurance adviser that he had been robbed. Anand’s wife Poonam said that Nirmal Baba refused to speak any further on the issue and he also said that "you are fraud".(

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Harish Veer Singh conspired against Nirmal Baba and will be arrested soon - News 24 video as proof -