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New York Times reporter Kathy Gray said Trump campaign removed her from Michigan rally

Michigan, US: A New York Times reporter claimed Thursday night that she was removed from President Donald Trump's rally in Michigan after she posted photos from the event on her Twitter. 

Kathy Gray revealed on the social media platform that she was kicked out of the rally that drew several thousand Trump supporters to Freeland, Michigan. 'I've just been kicked out of the trump rally,' Gray wrote. That tweet was then followed by another which reads: 'First for me: Trump campaign tracked me down from pics i tweeted and escorted me out.'

The photos that Gray had posted showed Trump supporters awaiting the president's arrival. In the caption of one of the images, she wrote: 'Crammed in crowd in the rain for trump rally in michigan. Not many masks.' 'Trump rally in freeland attracts thousands. Maybe 10% have masks,' Gray wrote. 
The president held the rally at the MBS International Airport where he was met by a cheering crowd of several thousand, packed shoulder-to-shoulder, mostly without masks. 'This is not the crowd of a person who comes in second place,' Trump declared to cheers before criticizing Biden's performance during the Democratic debates. 

'The first lady actually came in... and she watched the debate and she watched Joe and she said, "Darling, it's so sad,"' Trump claimed, before taking aim at Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris, who he called the 'most liberal person in the USA'. The mention of Harris brought on boos and jeers from the crowd. 

'On November 3 Michigan you better vote for me! I got you so many damn car plants,' Trump said as the crowd cheered while waving 'Make America Great Again' signs. 

'If Joe Biden is elected far-left lunatics won't just be running frail Democrat cities, they'll be running the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and the US Supreme Court, and we can't let that happen. 

'No city, town or suburb will be safe. On November 3 your vote will save America. Remember it's the most important elect we've ever had,' Trump added. Trump arrived in Michigan for the rally despite pushback from officials worried that his rallies are growing in size and flouting public health guidelines intended to halt the COVID-19 spread. 

Michigan's Democratic Gov Gretchen Whitmer raised alarms earlier on Thursday about the rally. Whitmer did not try to scuttle the rally, but warned that such events 'threaten all that sacrifice that we've made'.

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