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Saturday, June 30, 2012

CNN-IBN, IBN7 - Criminally Communal Channels

There is something about our media celebs that makes them hate anything remotely connected with Hinduism or the Hindu religion. Any symbol related to Hinduism or their spiritual leaders or Gurus is an insult to the intelligence of these elites. Of the many media outlets that frequently ridicule Hinduism, CNN-IBN and its sidekick IBN7 are channels that are undisputed leaders. Not so long ago CNN-IBN’s Sagarika Ghose ran a fraudulent live show about SriSri Ravi Shankar and his campaign against corruption. It was a case enough to ‘Sack Sagarika. But just as in politics, nepotism prevails in the media too and she continues merrily on the channel, frequently spouting venom against Hindus, subtly on TV or more brazenly on Twitter. When the damage is done and she faces a backlash her typical response is to play victim.

Politics and media control in India

Politically affiliated or owned publications have a significant place in today’s media scene. ADITI ROY GHATAK and PARANJOY GUHA THAKURTA present a spectrum of party-run newspapers.
A cartoon in The Hindu (that predates the current Ambedkar cartoon controversy) depicts the West Bengal Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee, trying to calm down a bunch of jubilant students, saying “I banned Marx, not marks”. Trinamool Congress chief Banerjee’s ire is primarily directed towards her arch political rival, the Communist Party of India (Marxist), whose mouthpiece, Ganashakti, which she does not want the State-funded libraries to subscribe to. There are many others on her list, especially after cartoongate.

Hong Kong reporter upsets Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit with Tiananmen question


HONG KONG—A Hong Kong reporter briefly threw Chinese President Hu Jintao's tightly scripted visit to the semiautonomous city off course Saturday by asking about the 1989 military crackdown on protesters in Tiananmen Square.The reporter for the Apple Daily newspaper said he was detained for about 15 minutes after the incident by three to four security officers, who told him he was too noisy and had broken rules. Other reporters also shouted questions to Hu, but they weren't detained. Hu was touring a new cruise ship terminal when the reporter shouted out a question to him from behind a security cordon.

Mexican journalist on the run

Ana Pérez
Ana Pérez is one of the most famous reporters in Mexico and has received death threats for her coverage of the drug mafia. She is now living in Germany for one year - where she is tentatively safe.
-Deutsche Welle 

“For the first time in a long while I am sleeping peacefully,” said the Mexican journalist Ana Lilia Pérez on Thursday, two days after her arrival in Germany. “This isn't possible in Mexico.” This 35 year-old journalist fears for her life in her home country because she reports on and uncovers illegal drug and money transactions. The Hamburg Foundation for the Politically Persecuted has invited Pérez to stay in Germany for a year. The foundation works closely with the journalists' organization Reporters Without Borders (RWB), which ensures that the German public stays informed about cases like that of Ana Pérez. “The situation in Mexico is appalling,” said Christian Mihr, managing director of the Geman section of RWB, in an interview with DW.

AFP Sudan office raided; journalist held

Armed security agents on Friday raided the AFP bureau
 in Khartoum and arrested a part-time correspondent
who had taken pictures of an anti-regime protest.
Armed security agents on Friday raided the AFP bureau in Khartoum and arrested a part-time correspondent who had taken pictures of an anti-regime protest. The two agents from the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), one of them wielding a pistol, seized Talal Saad, a local journalist who had just begun work as a temporary correspondent for the agency, at about 1550 GMT. They claimed he would come back in two hours.
The raid took place shortly after Saad arrived at the AFP office with pictures he had taken of an anti-regime protest in Khartoum's twin city of Omdurman.

Being a journalist affords you a passport into the lives of others

Let’s face it. Journalists. We’re not everyone’s cup of tea. When you’re in hot water, we’re there. We’re not especially sweet. We can come on a bit strong. And we’re not known for overflowing with the milk of human kindness.Or so the cliche goes. Hard-nosed reporter is often bandied about. Quivering-inside hack I’d wager.Being a journalist affords you a passport into the lives of others. It is an incredible honour to meet, greet, console, chat with, listen to, be raged at, sometimes sworn at by the people you meet. Most times, of course, too, you’re treated very kindly. And that’s what being a journalist is about, it’s about dialogue and relationships and cups of tea.

Seattle Central's student newshounds fight for the future of journalism

-The Seattle Times
AN ongoing fracas within the hallways of Seattle Central Community College tells us something important about today's journalism education and the direction future journalists may take as they as they become members of the media.It's a question of which standards, either ethical or sensational, will be the foundation for the next generation of writers and editors. Here's the issue in a nutshell: Students of Seattle Central have for three years produced a monthly publication filled with news, opinion, art and community discussion. Central Circuit was named and created by students who saw no news publication on campus. They filled those empty news racks. After 16 consecutive issues, Central Circuit offers a wide spectrum of voices, of the students and by the students.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Senator Patrick Brazeau picks fight with APTN reporter over story about sexual harassment allegations

Senator Patrick Brazeau, in the news this week for calling
a parliamentary reporter a bitch, launched another Twitter
attack on a journalist on Thursday, this time over a story
about allegations of sexual harassment.
-National Post 
Senator Patrick Brazeau, in the news this week for calling a parliamentary reporter a bitch, launched another Twitter attack on a journalist on Thursday, this time over a story about allegations of sexual harassment.The APTN National News story references a lawsuit in federal court between Mr. Brazeau and a former junior staffer at the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, who alleges the Conservative senator, at the time the Congress’ national chief, sexually harassed her when he was drunk.

S.C. TV Reporter Loses Her Smile after a Bell's Palsy Attack

Mary King, 25, couldn't smile, blink or move the right
side of her face after an attack of Bell's palsy.
-ABC News
It was a terrifying moment for Mary King. On June 1, sitting on the runway in Charlotte, N.C., on a plane bound for Baltimore where she planned to celebrate her upcoming wedding with friends, the 25-year-old television reporter realized she couldn't rub her lips together. Then, she couldn't move the right side of her face or blink her right eye. She paged the flight attendant for help, and a doctor on board the plane said King had better get to a hospital. The pilot took the plane back to the airport, and King's father rushed her to the nearest emergency room. King feared she was having a stroke, but the doctor had an even more unexpected diagnosis: she had Bell's palsy.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ethiopia convicts journalist, 23 others

NAIROBI, Kenya—An advocacy group says the convictions in Ethiopia of 24 government opponents on terrorism and treason charges is a "dark day" for freedom of expression. Amnesty International said that journalist Eskinder Nega and leading members of the political opposition were among those convicted on Wednesday. Amnesty said the evidence in court demonstrated peaceful and legitimate activities, not criminal wrongdoing.

UK journalist assaulted in Tahrir Square: 'Please make it stop'


Cairo : Amid the celebrations that greeted the declaration of a winner in Egypt's first freely elected presidential vote, a British student journalist was being sexually assaulted by a mob in Tahrir Square.Natasha Smith recounted the experience on her blog and in an interview with CNN. Smith, who has since left Egypt, wrote that the moving demonstrations of freedom turned to horror "in a split second" when dozens of frenzied men dragged her away from two male companions and began to grope her "with increasing force and aggression."

New York Times To Launch New Website in China

The New York Times is making a business move towards China, opening a Chinese language news website and a Sina Weibo account.Unlike its American version, the Chinese edition of the New York Times will have no paywall.Eileen M. Murphy, vice president of corporate communications for the New York Times, told Mashable that offering an unpaid site, at least in the beginning, is “consistent with what we do when we start new ventures.”

Dainik Bhaskar announce - Dainik Bhaskar Bollywood Awards

Dainik Bhaskar group today launched the second edition of the truly Democratic Bollywood Award of the country “Dainik Bhaskar Bollywood award”. The awards were announced by the star cast of the much awaited film Bol Bachchan.2011 witnessed the first edition of the awards where the cine stars are judged by their fans. The awards are by the public, for the public, of the public. Keeping up with its reputation of a pioneer, the group is proud to present the best thing that’s ever happened to Bollywood – the Dainik Bhaskar Bollywood Awards. 

Journalist sacked for criticising French First Lady

-daily news & analysis
Melbourne : A newspaper has reportedly sacked one of France’s best known journalists for writing too many “offensive” articles about Valerie Trierweiler, the new First Lady. Philippe Sollers, who has written for Le Journal du Dimanche for the past 13 years, had apparently gone “one step too far” in an article that attacked Trierweiler’s controversial Twitter message that provoked political outrage in France earlier this month.Trierweiler, the partner of the French President, Francois Hollande, tweeted her support for a political rival of his former lover Segolene Royal for a seat in parliament. Royal subsequently lost.

Apply: Fellowship on “The Role of Media in the current Anti-corruption Movements”

Institute for Research and Documentation in Social Sciences (IRDS), a Lucknow based Civil society shall be bestowing a 6 month Fellowship on “The Role of Media in the current Anti-corruption Movements”. The total amount of honorarium shall be Rs. 25,000 given in three slots of Rs. ten, five and ten thousand. Last Date 29 June, 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

LA Times wins business journalism Loeb award


NEW YORK — A Los Angeles Times reporter on Tuesday won a Loeb award, business journalism’s top honor, for a series of stories exposing the dubious business practices of “Buy Here Pay Here” used car lots.Ken Bensinger’s three-part “Wheels of Fortune” series showed how the dealers lure the least creditworthy buyers and charge steep interest rates on loans. The dealers still profit even if a buyer fails to keep up on loan payments because the dealers can repossess and resell the vehicle.The series won in the category for large newspaper. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel won two Loebs, one for medium-sized newspapers and another for beat reporting.

Nora Ephron, successful in movies and journalism, dies at 71; was known for devastating wit

NEW YORK:  Nora Ephron, the essayist, author and filmmaker who thrived in the male-dominated worlds of movies and journalism, has died. She was 71. She died of leukemia Tuesday night at New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, her family said in a statement."She was so, so alive," said her friend Carrie Fisher. "It makes no sense to me that she isn't alive anymore." Born into a family of screenwriters, Ephron was a top journalist in her 20s and 30s, then a bestselling author and successful director. Loved, respected and feared for her devastating and diverting wit, she was among the most quotable and influential writers of her generation.

'The Newsroom' Fantasy-Journalism Is What They Want

Huffingtonpost (Mike Hegedus)
It has been going on for a month or two, picking up steam in last week and finally aired Sunday evening.The Newsroom, created by Aaron Sorkin.Sorkin has pretty good 'street cred' when it comes to the creation of such things, The West Wing and The Social Network among his accomplishments. The Newsroom has all the early earmarks of being another fine production, with a well known list of actors in the cast, and a topic that has the potential for some insightful moments, perhaps even riveting, real news can do that.

Journalist fired for being a stripper wants her newspaper job back

Sarah Tressler
-The Guardian
US journalist Sarah Tressler is planning a coast-to-coast "stripping tour" to highlight her gender discrimination case against a Texas newspaper, the Houston Chronicle.Tressler was fired by the paper in March after editors discovered - courtesy of a rival paper - that she was working at strip clubs in the evenings. She has since filed an equal employment opportunity commission complaint. Tressler, 30, also teaches journalism at the University of Houston (though I couldn't trace her on the website). She earned her master's in journalism at New York University.

Euro 2012: France midfielder Samir Nasri 'regrets' rant at journalist

France's Samir Nasri has apologised for his rant at a journalist.
Photograph: Richard Sellers/Sportsphoto/Sportsphoto Ltd./Allstar

• Nasri comments on incident which could lead to lengthy ban• 'This is a personal matter between me and a few journalists'

-The Guardian

The Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri, facing a potentially long ban from the France team after a foul-mouthed outburst at a journalist, has expressed his "sincere regret" over the incident.Nasri, 25, was twice involved in controversial incidents with reporters; first in celebrating his goal against England by shouting "shut your face" at a L'Equipe journalist, then by swearing at another reporter following France's quarter-final defeat to Spain, and challenging him to a fight.With the French Football Federation considering disciplinary action, which L'Equipe claims could be as serious as a two-year ban, Nasri took to Twitter to explain his position.

Media Throng North Block as Pranab Signs Off

-Press Trust of India
NEW DELHI: As Pranab Mukherjee took his last walk through the corridors of cream and red sandstone British- era building that housed the finance ministry, it created a media frenzy that perhaps has no parallel in recent history. Mukherjee's pre-announced day for resigning as the Finance Minister to contest Presidential elections saw hectic activities at North Block since morning itself. Finance ministry officials and well-wishers lined up to wish their beloved 'Dada' well at his next destination in the adjacent building, the Rashtrapati Bhawan.

Pakistan media plays down Abu Jindal arrest

Abu Jindal Hamza
-IBN Live
New Delhi: In complete contrast to the Indian media, the Pakistani media Tuesday appeared to play down the dramatic arrest of a key mastermind of the Mumbai terror attack.Most newspapers carried New Delhi-datelined stories by AFP on Sayyad Zabiuddin alias Abu Jindal Hamza, an Indian who was deported to India from Saudi Arabia despite carrying a Pakistani passport. A Geo TV report quoted the Indian media as saying that the Special Cell of Delhi Police had made the arrest at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. 

Sarabjit flip-flop, an international embarrassment: Pak media

-Daily News & Analysis
ISLAMABAD: What should have been the release of an Indian death row prisoner has turned into an 'international embarrassment' for the Pakistan government following the mix-up over the identity of two Indian nationals currently in a Pakistani jail.Hours after reports emerged yesterday that Pakistan was to release Sarabjit Singh, convicted and sentenced to death in 1990 for alleged involvement in a string of bombings, Presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar clarified that authorities were taking steps to free another Indian named Surjeet Singh who was jailed for espionage.The "case of mistaken identity turned what should have been a moving occasion into international embarrassment", The Express Tribune said in its front-page report.

News Corp heading for a split?

News Corp chief executive and chairman 
Rupert Murdoch arrives in central London. 
The media mogul announced he would 
launch a Sunday edition of The Sun.Reuters
-Hindustan Times
Washington: Rupert Murdoch’s media empire News Corp may be splitting into two companies, separating its publishing assets from its bigger entertainment arm. The publishing operations include The Wall Street Journal and New York Post in the US, The Times and Sun in the UK, some Australian papers and HarperCollins, which publishes books.The entertainment businesses include 20th Century Fox Film Studio, Fox broadcast network and Fox News channel, and Star TV operations including Star TV India.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Journalists demand a comprehensive Journalist Protection Act

Business Standard

Journalists across the country today protested against the rise in number of attacks against their community members and demanded enactment of a comprehensive law to curb the trend. In Delhi, a delegation of National Union of Journalists (India) presented a memorandum to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh demanding a comprehensive Journalist Protection Act for journalists' protection."Over 190 attacks on journalists have been documented in different states in the recent past. There is need for a comprehensive Act with clear provisions of registering complaints in police stations on intimidation, attack or torture of journalists," the memorandum said.

Facebook changes users' listed email addresses without warning

The Guardian
Facebook has introduced its latest social media innovation – changing the email addresses posted by users on their profiles, en masse and without warning. In the change, which took effect on Monday, Facebook abruptly replaced the details users had elected to associate with their account with addresses using a "" convention. Emails sent to the Facebook address end up in the site's messaging system, rather than users' email accounts.

Citizen journalism and bloggers can't do what the newspapers have done

-The Age 

IN 2001, American alt-country singer Gillian Welch released a song that, in her ever-so-quiet way, excoriated the download generation. Everything is Free made a crucial observation: that musicians, artists and writers would keep creating content regardless of whether anyone actually wanted to pay for it or not.''Everything is free now,'' she sang plaintively. ''That's what they say/Everything I ever done/Gotta give it away/Someone hit the big score/They figured it out/That we're gonna do it anyway/Even if it doesn't pay.''

Jump to Content Journalism is no walk in the park - Richards

-The Post
TRINIDAD and Tobago President Professor George Maxwell Richards says risks for media personnel are ever increasing. Opening the 61st International Press Institute World Congress in Port-of-Spain on Sunday, President Richards said journalism was no walk in the park adding that the media influence in world affairs could not be denied and that one needed not harp on the attendant responsibilities.He said world opinion had been galvanised as a result of media reporting and the course of history had turned accordingly.

BBC World Service journalists asked for money-making ideas

Reporters for the BBC World Service have been asked in an internal email to help come up with new commercial opportunities for the corporation.
BBC World News director Peter Horrocks has asked journalists
to come up with money-making ideas to help increase revenues
for the corporation’s international services.
Photograph: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images
-The Guardian

BBC World Service journalists have been asked to come up with money-making ideas to help increase revenues for the corporation's international services, leading to fears over editorial independence.Peter Horrocks, the director of BBC World News, has sent an email to the 2,400 staff working in the division – which includes the World Service, BBC World News channel and – telling them they need to consider income and exploit new commercial opportunities to maximise the value they create with their journalism.Horrocks' email lists income as one of the four objectives as staff must consider when they prepare for upcoming appraisal meetings with their managers.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Gardaí arrest two following street killing of journalist

The Irish Times
GARDAÍ INVESTIGATING the killing of a journalist during a random street attack at the weekend have arrested two men and believe CCTV footage recovered from the scene will be crucial to solving the case.The two being questioned last night in relation to the killing of Eugene Moloney (55), Portobello, Dublin, are in their 20s and from Knocklyon and Templeogue in south Dublin.They are not known to gardaí. Both are being questioned under section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act in Pearse Street and Kevin Street Garda stations after being arrested yesterday morning.

US journalist to help scandal-hit Vatican clean up its image

The sun daily
Fox News journalist US Greg Burke,
poses in Rome on June 25, 2012. AFP
ROME : A scandal-hit Vatican, struggling to combat years of bad press, has hired American Fox News correspondent Greg Burke to modernise a communications strategy tainted by serious blunders in the past.Burke told AFP he has been hired "primarily as a strategist" to "simplify the Vatican's message (and) improve communications," though Vatican watchers have said his appointment fails to tackle the real issues within the Holy See. One of his main tasks, Burke says, will be "avoiding too many surprises."Such damaging "surprises" have included Pope Benedict XVI's move in 2009 to welcome back into the fold a Holocaust-denying bishop and the Vatican's controversial reaction to the child abuse scandal gripping the Church. 

'We will get him!': journalist's alleged texts to Slipper accuser

-The Age
News Ltd journalist Steve Lewis. 
Photo: Ben Rushton
The News Limited journalist who worked with James Ashby and Malcolm Brough to expose allegations of sexual harassment against the Speaker, Peter Slipper, allegedly told Mr Ashby by text, "We will get him!" Steve Lewis also told Mr Ashby, "I will sort out payment" and "Just tell hotel to book u in again and News will sort". The text messages are contained in documents filed with the Federal Court and released to Fairfax today. In the "points of claim" document, Mr Slipper says on April 10, Mr Ashby falsified being ill in order to travel to Sydney to meet with Mr Lewis. He is accused of giving Mr Lewis extracts of Mr Slipper's private diary to assist the reporter write a story about the Speaker's alleged misuse of travel entitlements.

Blanc's future on the menu for French media

The Times of India
PARIS: As the dust settled on France's Euro 2012 quarterfinal defeat at the hands of defending champions Spain, attention has turned to whether Laurent Blanc will remain as coach.The 46-year-old -- known as "the President" from his playing days as part of the successful France side that won the 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000 -- is out of contract.This has alerted some leading clubs, including English Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur, whose chairman Daniel Levy is a known admirer of Blanc and wishes to talk to him, according to several English newspapers.

Reliance controls Network18 group indirectly, says CCI

Business Standard
Regulator rules that RIL is the exclusive beneficiary of the trust that controls the media house. The Competition Commission of India (CCI), has said the largest listed company indirectly controls the group that owns the largest business news channel in the country.In a recent order clearing the three-way deal between Reliance Industries (RIL), the Network18 group and ETV, CCI said "considering these facts, it is evident that control of IMT (Independent Media Trust) rests with RIL. In view of the foregoing, RIL is considered the acquirer of control over target companies, which, in turn, results in indirect acquisition of control over Network18 and TV18."

Illegal down linking of Indian TV channels in Bangladesh

At least 68 satellite-based foreign television channels are illegally down-linked in Bangladesh defying existing laws of the land and procedures set by the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission [BTRC]. While Indian government has set very tough policy in allowing down-linking of the signals of Bangladeshi television channels in that country, the Information Ministry in Bangladesh as well as BTRC are seen visibly reluctant in taking similar policies for allowing Bangladeshi cable operators in down-linking signals of the Indian television channels. 

Cleaning up TV’s dirty pictures

-Reuter's Blog

I was watching a documentary on Greta Garbo on television. The film was in English with English subtitles for people more comfortable following written English than quick spoken English. Every time the word “sex” or something related to it would come up, the subtitles avoided it. “Heterosexual” became “hetero.” “Her sexuality” became “her femininity.” Dedicated channel surfing revealed similar evasions. In a conversation about breast cancer on an English channel, the station inserted an asterisk to partially mask the word “breast” in the subtitles, even though you could hear it onscreen.

Mumbai attacks suspect arrested in India: reports

Indian police have arrested a key suspect accused of co-ordinating the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks in which 166 people were killed and more than 300 wounded, media reports said Monday. Hamza was allegedly one of the handlers based in Karachi, Pakistan who issued instructions by telephone to the 10 Islamist gunmen as they stormed two luxury hotels, a Jewish centre, a restaurant and a train station in Mumbai.The Press Trust of India (PTI) news agency quoted unnamed police sources as confirming the arrest of Abu Hamza, also known as Sayed Zabiuddin, an Indian-born member of the Pakistani militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba.

NGOs use media to raise funds

When members of Snehalaya, an Ahmednagar-based not-for-profit, were asked to appear on a television show last month to speak about their work on female foeticide, little did they realise that they would receive a windfall of donations. In less than two months since the organisation was featured on the show, it has received about Rs.1 crore in donations. “While we received Rs. 60 lakh from the producer of the show, several more people, even from outside the country, have sent us contributions,” said Girish Kulkarni, founder, Snehalaya, which is based in western Maharashtra and usually receives on average, Rs.8 lakh in donations every month. “Within a week of appearing on the show, our website crashed due to an increased number of visitors. People from across the country have come to see our work.”

Suman Ranganathan playing a hard-nosed journalist in Ajith's next with Vishnuvardhan

Suman Ranganathan, who was last seen in 1995 in Udhavum Karangal, makes her comeback to Tamil films with director Vishnuvardhan's next. "It has been such a long time since I last acted in a Tamil film and Tamil comes very easy to me because I have been talking it all my life," says the Bangalore-based actress, who is thrilled about bagging this role."I play a hard-nosed journalist named Ramya. She is very powerful and can be at places not many can be at. 

FFF boss lambasts Nasri over row with journalist

-The guardian
FRENCH Football Federation (FFF) President, Noel le Graet, has labelled Samir Nasri’s behaviour “intolerable” after the midfielder’s alleged foul-mouthed rant at a journalist following Les Bleus’ Euro 2012 exit.The Manchester City man was reportedly involved in a heated exchange with a member of the press, who asked to speak with him after Laurent Blanc’s side was beaten 0-2 by defending champion, Spain, in the quarter-final in Donetsk.Le Graet condemned Nasri’s actions and warned the player that he must assert more self-control in future. He told French radio station, RMC: “I will ask the journalist to meet with me, but this is intolerable.

Philippines Says Reporter From Jordan Held Hostage

Baker Atyani
MANILA : A veteran Jordanian journalist who has been missing in the southern Philippines for nearly two weeks is now considered a captive, a senior Philippine government official said Sunday.“All indications that we have now are that he is being held hostage,” a presidential spokesman, Ricky Carandang, said Sunday by telephone. “There was some confusion in the beginning, but it appears clear now that he is being held.”

Two men arrested after journalist killed in Dublin

-Irish times
Gardaí investigating the murder of journalist Eugene Moloney in Dublin at the weekend have made two arrests.Two men were arrested in the early hours of this morning in south Dublin, gardaí have confirmed. The men, who are in their twenties, are being detained at Kevin Street and Pearse Street Garda Stations under the provisions of Section 4 of the Criminal Act 1984.The dead man was identified last night as journalist Eugene Moloney, who had worked for the Irish Independent.

Iraq orders closure of 44 media outlets

-Today online
BAGHDAD - An Iraqi regulatory body has ordered the closure of 44 media outlets in the country including the BBC and Voice of America in a dispute over broadcast licences, sources with knowledge of the order said on Sunday, but no action has yet been taken. Other organisations targeted for shutdown include privately-owned local TV channels Sharqiya and Baghdadia as well as US-financed Radio Sawa. A senior source at the Communications and Media Commission (CMC), the body responsible for the order, said the move had nothing to do with the way the outlets had reported on sectarian conflict in the country, as some reports have suggested.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Aaron Sorkin targets journalism in "The Newsroom"

Aaron Sorkin
NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. television news has become as predictably sensational as reality shows, while journalism in general is failing democracy and its crucial role in intelligently informing the public.That's the message behind a reimagining of what the news could and should be as shown in writer Aaron Sorkin's idealistic new show, "The Newsroom," which premieres on cable channel HBO on Sunday.Just as Sorkin's "The West Wing" romanticized Washington politics, "The Newsroom" finds optimism in the very industry whose flaws it seeks to expose.

Palin is wrong when she says that 'every citizen can be a reporter'

-The Baltimoresun

In 2005, when their city drowned, the staff of the New Orleans Times-Picayune stayed in it longer than common sense and simple prudence would dictate. People who had lost homes, loved ones, and their city itself concentrated on gathering the news and putting it out. They finally left huddled in newspaper delivery trucks, water up to the headlights, decamping to Baton Rouge, 75 miles away, where they went right back to reporting the news.Last month, that paper announced it was cutting staff and suspending daily publication, moving to a three-days-a-week schedule. We draw ever closer to the once-unthinkable day when some major American city has no newspaper whatsoever.

Journalism courses may need to diversify

-The Australian
Journalism student Matilda Marozzi says she may try to get work online or on radio.
Picture: Stuart McEvoy 
Source: The Australian
TWO universities are considering reviews of their journalism programs amid the impact of the restructuring at Fairfax Media. Anne Dunn, president of the Journalism Education Association, said the restructures, with associated redundancies for hundreds of experienced journalists, had led some schools to look at reviewing whether their programs met the needs of students. "I'm aware of two universities who are looking at reviewing their programs in the wake of last week's events," Professor Dunn said. She declined to name the universities.

Euro2012: Nasri argues with journalist after Spain win

Ukraine: Samir Nasri launched a foul-mouthed tirade against a French AFP journalist when asked what he thought of France’s 2-0 defeat by holders Spain in the European championship quarter final here on Saturday.The player, who during France’s opening group game with England mouthed “shut your mouth” to television cameras in a message aimed at a L’Equipe journalist who had written a critical article of him that upset his sick mother, also suggested the two go outside the mixed zone and settle the matter.Having already passed through the mixed zone without speaking, the 24-year-old Manchester City star returned around 30 minutes later whereupon the AFP journalist politely asked for his impressions of the game. Visibly agitated, Nasri launched into a diatribe against the media.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Katju's King has been killed : A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission

The concept of sovereign immunity is incompatible with the notion of democracy. It is an anachronistic relic drawn from the British Common Law principles at odds with the constitutional architecture of a state that claims to respects the supremacy of its people. Integral to democracy is the conviction that a government that draws its legitimacy and mandate from its people. Contrary to this elementary understanding about democracy are the opinions of some jurists like Justice Markandey Katju of India, which contradict the spirit and democratic foundation of the Indian Constitution.

Police nab one of Palace reporter’s assailants

Fernan Angeles
MANILA, Philippines: One of the assailants of Daily Tribune’s Malacañang Palace reporter Fernan Angeles in March was arrested by the Pasig City police in a buy-bust operation on Saturday, a police official said. Superintendent  Alfredo Calama-an, officer in charge of the local police, told the Inquirer  Saturday evening that alias JR, whose full name he said has not yet been determined by police as of press time, was arrested in Barangay Sto. Tomas after he sold  methamphetamine hydrochloride, or shabu, to operatives of the city’s anti-illegal drugs unit.

Belarus journalist faces 5-year sentence

Andrzej Poczobut
MINSK, Belarus (AP) — A journalist for a leading Polish newspaper was arrested in authoritarian Belarus and faces up to five years in jail for criticising the ex-Soviet nation's dictatorial president, his wife said yesterday.Last year, Andrzej Poczobut, an ethnic Pole who writes for the Gazeta Wyborcza daily, was given a suspended three-year sentence on charges of libel and insulting President Alexander Lukashenko in his articles. His case had drawn attention to the repressive regime of Alexander Lukashenko, especially from Poland, since Belarus has a large ethnic Polish community.

Twitter says that they were not hacked, after going down on Thurdsay

Twitter‘s record-breaking downtime was not the result of a successful activist hack, contrary to one group’s claim to responsibility, according to a blog post from the microblogging network Thursday.“This wasn’t due to a hack or our new office or Euro 2012 or GIF avatars, as some have speculated today,” Mazen Rawashdeh, Twitter’s vice president of engineering, wrote in a post to the company’s official blog.

Earlier Thursday, a group of hackers known as UGNazi said it was the force behind the outages, which were Twitter’s longest in eight months. In an email to Reuters, UGNazi said it targeted Twitter with a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack because of the company’s support for the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. But expanding on a tweet from earlier Thursday — which spawned a parody account that was repeatedly suspended and restored — Twitter blamed the outages on a “cascading bug in one of our infrastructure components.”

A cascading bug, Rawashdeh writes, is bug with an effect that “cascades” into multiple software elements rather than remaining confined to one in particular.Twitter engineers first discovered its desktop site was inaccessible and mobile clients weren’t updating at about 9 a.m. Pacific Time. Service was restored just over an hour later before dropping again at about 10:40 a.m. for approximately 30 more minutes.

“We are currently conducting a comprehensive review to ensure that we can avoid this chain of events in the future,” Rawashdeh writes.Typically, Twitter says, its service is available for approximately 23 hours, 59 minutes and 40 seconds in a 24-hour period.How did Thursday’s Twitter fail affect you? Share you stories in the comments.

Torrent sites unblocked by all ISPs in India

Web users in India are once again able to access video and file-sharing sites, including The Pirate Bay.The country's Madras High Court has changed its earlier censorship order which centred on the issue of internet copyright.The original ruling made Indian internet service providers (ISPs) block access to entire sites to prevent a single film from being shared online.The new order was issued following an appeal filed by a consortium of ISPs.
It states that only specific web addresses - URLs - carrying the pirated content should be blocked, but not the entire website."The order of interim injunction dated 25/04/2012 is hereby clarified that the interim injunction is granted only in respect of a particular URL where the infringing movie is kept and not in respect of the entire website," reads the updated decision."Further, the applicant is directed to inform about the particulars of URL where the interim movie is kept within 48 hours."

Hacking attacks In late March, Chennai-based Copyrightlabs, an Indian anti-piracy firm, won a court order that made Indian ISPs and phone firms stop their customers reaching websites that were illegally sharing copies of certain Bollywood films.The Ashok Kumar order - similar to a "John Doe" order in the United States and designed to protect the copyright of music, films and other content - allowed copyright holders to request a website be taken down to prevent users from downloading content illegally.

The ruling led to a series of cyber-attacks by the hacker group Anonymous, which targeted a number of Indian websites, including those for government departments and India's Supreme Court. Anonymous said the attacks were carried out in retaliation against blocks imposed on video and file-sharing sites.The internet hacking group then staged numerous protests against "internet censorship" in India.