Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Actress Tara Chowdary Still Haunting Congress MP Rayapati

Tara Chowdary

For the past couple of months not much has been heard about Tara Chowdary, except that she has recently come out on bail from the jail. It is well known that the Telugu starlet, Tara Chowdary, was arrested by the Banjara Hills police on charges of prostitution and blackmail on 31 March.

The latest news about Tara is that MP Rayapati Sambasiva Rao filed a complaint with Lalapet police in Guntur that he has received two anonymous blackmail SMS. The messages said that the sender has in his possession the audio clip containing conversation between Tara chowdary and the MP. In his complaint, the MP, said that he received these messages from a cellphone No. 7306727667 and asked the police to investigate into the matter. He denied having any links with Tara Chowdary and also said that the voice in the said audio clip was not his. He also said that he is ready to face any sort of enquiry in this regard.  

Tara's arrest two months ago had created a lot of sensation as the police seized number of audio and video CDs from her residence during investigation. It was reported that these CDs contained visuals and audio recordings related to the sleaze acts of several politicians, police officers and businessmen. It was also alleged that Tara used to blackmail her clients with the help of these CDs. It was rumoured at that time that Tara Chowdary has close links with Guntur Congress MP Rayapati Sambasiva Rao and the later had used her to defame his political opponent, a minister from the same district. It was claimed that an audio clip allegedly containing conversation between Tara and the MP is in possession of the police. However, the MP at that time, had denied that he had any links with Tara nor he ever tried to use her for defaming any fellow politician.

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