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Corona crisis and increasing work pressure are putting journalist's lives in danger

Indore, Madhya Pradesh: In the tension of work in the 70-year-old newspaper of the state, a senior journalist was killed yesterday. Employees are being exploited in newspapers due to the corona period. 

Many employees have been chased away in the old newspaper Naidunia due to this. This has increased the work pressure on survivors. Management and editor are pressuring to work from remaining colleagues. In such a case, a senior journalist was killed.

When output head Ujjwal Shukla asked Piyush Dixit to watch two editions together, Piyush Dixit said it is not possible to get so much work done at once. There was a debate between Piyush and Ujjwal Shukla regarding this. After some time, Piyush's blood pressure increased to a dangerous level. The colleagues lay Piyush on the sofa of the office and Kapish Dubey and Sameer Deshpande started massage Piyush's hands and feet. 

Meanwhile, all the physical activities of Piyush stopped suddenly and he also put his neck aside. Meanwhile, senior companion Ramnath Mutkule suddenly made pressure on his chest with hands, due to which his breath returned. After this, Piyush was taken to hospital and admitted. Work tension and pressure has now become on the lives of journalists. 

Last days old partner of Naidunia Marketing Mh. Iqbal had suddenly died. They came to office a day ago. It is said that they were being pressured for bringing political advertisements. Friends say they were in great stress over this. However, Piyush Dixit's health is fine. Everyone praised the efforts of fellow Ramnath Mutkule. While going to hospital, Piyush started crying and told his colleagues that he has small children and wife. He was more worried about his family not his life.


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