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United States: Protests continue in Seattle months after George Floyd death

US: Protests against police brutality and systematic racism sparked by the death of African American man Gorge Floyd are continuing in Seattle of the United States.

Following the death of Floyd in May, the U.S. has been gripped by nationwide demonstrations against racial discrimination. Two months on, the city of Seattle still sees dozens of people protesting on streets. Most protesters gather near the local Cal Anderson Park in Capitol Hill area, which was once occupied by protesters on June 8. These protesters were cleared by police on July 1, with the cleanup continuing in August.
But some protesters return to the area often and stay at the Cal Anderson Park, which has become a shelter for the homeless. There are constant clashes between police and protesters, as demonstrations continue on and off. On Friday, four were arrested after a protest turned violent.

A protester, who preferred not to be shown on camera for safety concerns, said the police have done little to protect people. "Our police force came in, brutalized folks, arrested several and kicked them out of a shelter space, like they're removing people who have nothing from food and community. How does that keep us safe? How does make us safer? It doesn't. It only oppresses," said the protester.
"Do we think this is going to fix everything? No, of course not. We know this is just one step in a very long stairway, but it is a necessary step. The police are murdering people, and they get away with it. That has got to stop," added the protester. Demonstrators hope that through their actions, they can bring about community improvements and social changes.

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