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New York: Police officers clash with protesters on Brooklyn Bridge

New York, US: Pro-police and anti-police protesters clashed on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York on Wednesday, with at least four police officers injured and 37 protesters arrested, according to the New York Police Department (NYPD).

Video showed a woman being forcefully arrested after anti-police protesters sat down on the roadway in an attempt to counter a pro-police group.

"We were sitting on the roadway of the Brooklyn Bridge in order to stand up for abolition, to counter the Blue Lives Matter white supremacist protest contingent," said a witness who provided video and declined to be named. "The police started snatching and attacking us from the ground." Police said that Terence Monahan - a top cop in charge of uniformed officers in the NYPD - was among the injured.

Marches and demonstrations have continued throughout the U.S. over police violence against Black people prompted by the May killing of George Floyd. Protesters have called for public funding for the police to be reduced, and for police officers involved in deadly incidents to be dismissed and charged.

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