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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Shocking: Electric bicycle crashes into minibus in east China district S...

A man was almost injured twice in a traffic accident that occurred in Suyu District, Suqian City of east China's Jiangsu Province, recently. The surveillance video shows that a man, the electric bicycle rider, had been attempting to cross the road before the accident. He just looked left to a medicine box on his hand, without noticing an approaching minibus.

At a high speed, the minibus collided with the electric bicycle. Worried about the injured man, the driver of the minibus hurried to get off the vehicle to check him, forgetting to use hand brake to stop the minibus. At that moment, the minibus began to move backward, and almost rolled over the man lying on ground. "Fortunately, the minibus did not roll over the man. According to the medical diagnosis, the man surnamed Chen was injured on chest, with some ribs fractured," said Chen Tong, a traffic policeman. The man has already left the hospital after treatment.


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