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Rainstorm: Heavy rain hit many places in Guangdong Province, south China

Heavy rain hit many places in south China's Guangdong Province on Friday, causing damage to vehicles and infrastructure and even injuring people. In Jiangmen City, many advertising boards and traffic infrastructure were damaged by gale and hail. Many trees were uprooted, and hit and destroyed some vehicles parked at roadside.

The heavy rainstorm also damaged several workshops in Nanhai City. In Guicheng Industrial Park, the roofs of a nearly 3,000-square-meter chemical equipment factory almost collapsed entirely, burying a lot of equipment and facilities.

"The gale was howling. The tornado swept all the way in just one or two minutes, and the roof was lifted away," said Chen, a witness. During the rainstorm, a total of seven workshops in the industrial park saw roof collapse and four people were slightly injured.

In Zhongshan City, a passenger filmed a "indoor rain" with smart phone in the Xiaolan Town light rail station. Raindrops fell through the leaks on the roof of the station, leaving the ground water logged. Later the station arranged cleaners to clean the ground and set up a group of sheds at the entrance.

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