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International Pillow Fight Day: pillow fighters release pressures at Tor...

Hundreds of pillow fighters on Saturday gathered at the square of Toronto City Hall, to celebrate their International Pillow Fight Day. And only as the rules allowed: with soft pillows. These pillow fighters are not only mocking physical conflicts to vent their pent-up pressures, they are also continuing the city's Pillow Fight League which reportedly first started in 2007.

"There is a lot exams going on and with the whole Trump thing, we kind of want to do pillow fight to, like, express our anger. And that's where the wall paint comes from. Pillow Fight!!!" said Czarna, one pillow fighter preferring to release herself. "So fun, this is so fun. I always do one hour of good cardio and have fun. So that's the best thing to be here," said Shilpa, another pillow fighter who opts for some quick sweats.

From bedrooms with kids on to public places with adults, pillow fight has already evolved into part of flash mob activities. This year celebrates the 8th International Pillow Fight Day. Joining Toronto are over 40 cities across the world throwing this pillow fight celebration to the public.

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