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USA Police in Washington D.C. have fired on a woman in car, then arrested

Police in Washington D.C. have fired on a woman in car after she rammed a police vehicle near the U.S. Capitol and tried to mow down several officers on Wednesday. The woman was then arrested and no injuries have been reported. Police are currently investigating her motivation and other details of the incident."Although preliminary, this incident appears to be criminal in nature with no nexus to terrorism; and in addition, the capital complex remains open to the public except for traffic cuts here on Independence Avenue," said Capitol Police spokeswoman Eva Malecki.

The U.S. Capitol and its neighboring blocks have been cordoned off in the wake of this incident. White House spokesman Sean Spicer described the incident as "a very troubling instance" at a routine press conference.Police transported the suspect's car and the police vehicle from the crime scene three hours after the attack.The Federal Bureau of Investigation will investigate the incident.So far, police have not published the driver's identification.

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