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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Protest in Mexico City against Donald Trump's migrants policies

A group of mariachi performers gathered outside the US embassy in Mexico City to perform the Star-Spangled Banner to protest against the hardline policies of President Donald Trump on migration.The US President has vowed to build a border wall to make it tougher for migrants seeking a better life in the United States. He has also expedited deportations and pledged to hire more immigration officials as part of his crackdown.

The move has separated migrant parents from their families as well as stoked fears in migrant communities in the United States.
The mariachi protest was organised by a private company that teamed up with migrant activists as a way to extol the virtues of migrants. "What we are doing is that the Mexican mariachi, a symbol of Mexican culture, is going to sing the US national anthem as a gesture for building bridges, a symbolism that culture and art can unite us regardless of our differences," said activist and protest organizer, Pablo Martinez.

According to recent figures from the IMF, immigration has a positive economic impact on receiving countries. And for the United States, many migrants form the backbone of manual labour. "We have always believed that immigration is more than just a problem, it is a way to drive economies. We believe that this is the way that they (economies) can advance. We think it is more than ever necessary to send these messages as there is a tendency to view immigration as something negative," said protest organiser, Kundalini Munoz.

For Mexico Trump's comments on migrants has hit a raw nerve. On the campaign trail, the US leader characterised migrants from Mexico as "rapists" and vowed to make the country pay for his border wall."For me it is something knew, I have never played this (US national anthem) but in regards to the protest I completely agree with people who are against racism, discrimination and the neo-liberal policies of the US government," said mariachi, Ofelio Rodriguez. An estimated 11 million immigrants live in the United States, most of whom come from Mexico and other Latin American countries.


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