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Pandas perform kooky stunts at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Bree...

One panda, Siyunyun, was captured trying to devour bamboo. However, his gesture of eating it was quite strange since the bamboo stem was poking his left eye as he was trying to peel the skin off. Despite being "stabbed" in the eye, Siyunyun didn't even try to find a less painful way to eat the yummy bamboo. Instead, he powered through the awkward situation and succeeded in removing the skin and enjoyed his prize. In another clip, Chengshi, a panda cub, was performing some Tarzan style acrobatic tricks on some dangling vines, when he appeared to have gotten entangled when going for the finish. To the excitement of the crowd, Chengshi freed himself and landed safely on the ground, beautifully finishing his performance. In the last clip, two panda cubs were captured putting on a panda style wrestling match. Chengshi and Fushun began the match shoving each other as they tried to be the first one to climb a tree.

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