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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

highway blocked : Landslide after heavy rain in the Andean areas of Piur...

This landslide blocked an important road that provides access to the Andes mountains. Several sections of this highway are blocked, according to local media reports. It follows months of heavy rain in the Andean areas of Piura and Puno. So far this year, floods in Peru have already killed 26 people and displaced almost 250,000 people in 24 regions, according to the National Civil Defence Institute (Indeci). In the town of Chosica, some 30 kilometres (18.6 miles) east of Lima, the intense rains caused at least three major streams in the area to overflow, affecting ravines and roads. The ravine La Libertad, located on kilometre 34 of the Central Highway, collapsed and torrents of muddy water were seen crossing the road. Surprised residents looked on at the dramatic scenes unfolding before their eyes. Local media report that more than 120 homes were without potable water supply. So far this year, four mudslides have hit the area and residents are waiting for help from authorities to clean-up. The town of Piura, located 858 kilometres (533 miles) to the north of Lima, has also been hit by record high rainfall, not seen in the last 30 years, local media reported, quoting official figures. Residents, especially farmers who have lost crops, have asked for help from authorities. "We are losing our crops with the swollen river waters. I call on presiding authorities to do something for us," said flood victim, Claudio Manrique. Cars and homes have been flooded with residents doing their best to remove water from their homes and trying to salvage their belongings. Meanwhile a horse in the town of Puno, located 866 kilometres (530 miles) to the north-est of Lima, was trapped in a muddy field. Residents and rescue personnel managed to pull the horse to safety. Earlier this month, Peru declared a state of emergency in areas hit by heavy rains after a dengue outbreak in flood-prone areas of the country.Relief is still a long way off for areas hit by the heavy rain. According to Peru's National Meteorological and Hydrological Services the wet weather will continue until April.


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