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Thriller Zombie Walk parade in Athens, Greece

Zombies, vampires, monsters and other strange creatures took to the streets of the Greek capital on February 25, as Athens staged its annual "Zombie Walk" for the Carnival. The theme of the monstrous walk in the city centre was dedicated to the hit streaming series 'Stranger Things' and the 1980s movies that influenced it.

Men, women, teenagers and small children donned costumes and masks, put on grotesque makeup, wigs and torn clothes and gathered across the Greek parliament before wandering in the streets of Athens teasing and scaring passers-by with their "living dead" parade.

"The big surprise was for me as I walked out from my house door. I just loved how everybody reacted accordingly or not," said 30 year-old Athens resident Christos who participated for the first time in the event.

The "Zombie Walk" - made famous first in the United States - is now known throughout the world and many cities, including London, Toronto, Buenos Aires and Mexico City among others, have staged the creepy parade.

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