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Sunday, January 1, 2017

China's huge waterfall freezes, creating amazing icefall effect, Shanxi,...

The Hukou Waterfall took on a magnificent sight recently as the temperature dropped well below freezing point and icicles form alongside the raging waters in Linfen City of northwest China's Shanxi Province. The waterfall is a section of the middle reaches of the Yellow River, and has become a hot spot for tourists and photographers. "I think the Hukou Waterfall is spectacular. Although I saw its photos on my WeChat (a popular message app in China) moments, I was shocked when saw it with my own eyes. It's so beautiful and definitely worth a visit," said a tourist. The current icicles were formed following a sweeping cold front in the region earlier this month, bringing in temperatures below minus ten degrees Celsius. According to the management department of the Hukou Waterfall, the Yellow River has entered the ice flood season and more icicles are expected to be seen with the dropping temperatures.


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