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Kejriwal's book SWARAJ on Team Anna's 'Aandolan'

New Delhi: Social crusader Anna Hazare, who began his fast unto death at Jantar Mantar against corruption and for his demand to bring strong Jan Lokpal Bill in the system, today released a translated version of book 'Swaraj' written by his key team aid Arvind Kejrival in the presence of Ex-Editior-in-Chief of Outlook magazine, Vinod Mehta. Calling to people to establish the real 'swaraj' (people's rule in the country), 75-year old social activists said, "It is time for the return of swaraj in the country." 

Using familiar idioms, he cited politicians as "public servants" and the people as "owners" of the society, Anna said, "But the picture today is that people have become servants and politicians are the owners."  "The owner has slept by handling over their treasury to his servant, and servant began to steal money from the treasury." "Our movement is to awaken the people," he added. Calling to strengthen 'Gram Sabha', the unit of democracy, Anna Hazare said, "Gram Sabha should be made strong and let it decide what to do for itself, not the politicians who sit in air condition room."

"If the gram sabha empowers, it will make a corrupt free and strong nation as it better knows its necessities." Kiran Bedi, a key activist of Team Anna and promoter of India against corruption, in her address said, "The root cause of corruption is that our police in not independent and is still a slave of the politicians and bureaucrats because the policeman has to pay off bribe to get recruitment and promotion." "Where there bureaucracy and politicians ties to make corruption, the system became corrupted there," added Bedi.

Vinod Mehta, the Ex-editor-in-chief of Outlook magazine describe the characteristic of Swaraj. 'What is called real Sawaraj?'. He also hails Arvind Kejrival for writing such an informative book in a very simple language.He also advocated to translate this books in several regional languages. 'The vernacular books put more impact rather than book in English or hindi,' he said. Arvind Kejriwal, who is sitting on fast since last five days, said, 'How much difficulties had we faced in getting the rights of 'Right to Information?', but after 10-years marathon efforts, we finally able to get our one of the rights.' "Now, it's time to struggle for 'Swaraj', for 'Janlokpal Bill'."

He also informed that the price of translated version of Swaraj is fixed Rs.99 on shops while if you buy this book from stalls of Jantar Mantar, you can get it in just Rs.40 only.'I don't want any royalty, as I have not written this book for royalty but to acknowledge the common citizens of India,' he added.He appealed to people to buy the book and share it with their friends, so cognizance spread all over the country. Earlier, Anna Hazare began his hunger strike at 10.30. A total of 350 others including three Team Anna members - Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia and Gopal Rai - have been fasting since Wednesday. Gopal Rai was in hospital but stable after being in critical condition earlier.

Meanwhile, 15 hunger strikers had to be taken to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital after their condition deteriorated.The Lokpal Bill was passed by the Lok Sabha in the winter session last year, but got stuck in the Rajya Sabha and was referred to a parliamentary select committee.
It was expected to be tabled during the budget session but was not. Team Anna members are demanding that their version of the bill be incorporated and passed by parliament.Team Anna has permission to fast at Jantar Mantar till Aug 8, the day the parliament's monsoon session is expected to begin. This is Hazare's third indefinite hunger strike demanding a Jan Lokpal Bill.

About the Book : The year 2011 was defined by the Anna Hazare-led agitation against corruption. The fakir from ralegaon siddhi shook the bastions of power in Delhi to their foundations. Even the middle class and the elite, who normally confine themselves to drawing room discussions on politics, joined the movement and took to the streets. Arvind Kejriwal played a key role in this agitation. The main demand of the group was the implementation of the Lok Pal Bill. Many promises were made by the political class, but nothing much actually happened – the bill has still not been passed by Parliament. This book shows us the way forward, what we the people and what the opinion makers and political establishment in India can do to achieve true Swaraj – Lok Pal is only one facet of this true devolution of power to the people. Kejriwal’s vision deserves consideration by anyone who wants power to vest with the people, not with netas.  

About the Author : Arvind Kejriwal is a social activist fighting for transparent and participatory governance. He is considered to be one of the main architects of the Jan Lokpal movement or the Anna movement, which shook the nation in 2011.He graduated in mechanical engineering from IIT Kharagpur in 1989 and joined Tata Steel. In 1992, he joined India Revenue Service (IRS). He took a long leave from the government in the year 2000 to set up an NGO, Parivartan. In 2006, he resigned from the government. In 2006, he was awarded Ramon Magsaysay Award for his work on Right To Information (RTI).


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