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Saturday, April 14, 2012

30 Interesting Facts about Fraud Nirmal Baba

1. Registration fee is Rs 2000/- per person. Children over 2 years also need to be registered this means Nirmal Baba charges Rs 2,000 from every participant who wishes to be a part of his commune, 'samagam'. This amount is transferred directly into Nirmal Baba's three bank accounts one each in Punjab National Bank, ICICI Bank and Yes Bank

2. Publicly displayed bank account numbers: ICICI A/c Number: 002-905-010-576
Account Name: NIRMAL DARBAR PNB A/c Number: 1546-0021-0002-3105 Account Name: NIRMAL DARBAR

3. Real Name of the Nirmal Baba is Nirmaljeet Singh Narula

4. Name of the wife - Sushma Narula

5. He was born around 1950 in a Sikh family

6. Nirmal got married to the daughter of Dilip Singh Bagga in Jharkhand and has two children (son & daughter).

7. Nirmal Baba is the brother-in-law of former speaker of Jharkhand Legislative Assembly, Inder Singh Namdharee

8. According to Namdhari, he married Baba’s sister in 1964 when Nirmal was only 14-15 years old. After the murder of his father during his childhood, his mother sent him to Daltonganj, Jharkhand in 1970’s

9. during the seventies, Nirmal Baba owned a cloth shop and after a few years he shut the shop. Later on he tried his luck in the bricks business and laid the foundation of 'Nirmal Bricks' but failed 

10. 1980 - He went to Delhi.

11. How he got the magical powers I think no one knows it except Baba.

12. Nirmal Baba holds two accounts - one in the name of Nirmaljeet Singh Narula and the other in the name of 'Nirmal Darbar'. Sushma Narula, Nirmal Baba's wife, is registered as the nominee.

13. Nirmaljeet Singh Narula aka Nirmal Baba started his career as a brick kiln owner

14. Nirmal Baba asks for 10 percent of the salary from all those who visit him for solutions to their problems.

15. He advertises on 39 channels and has over 3 lakh followers on Facebook.

16. He got 47,000 followers on Twitter

17. On following TV channels Nirmal Baba appears – star news, IBN 7,Aajtak, History Tv 18, Sony TV, Sab TV, Life Ok, Sahara one, AXN, News24, India TV, News 24, Aaj Tak Tej, Star Utsav, DY 365,Sadhna, Sahara Samay, Nepal One, Zee 36garh,Divya,Sahara UP, Sahara Bihar, Sahara MP, Sahara Rajasthan, Sahara Samay Mumbai,Saubhagya,Darshan24,Prathna Odisha,p7News,Total TV, India News Haryana,Katyayani, A2Z,Colors USA only, TV Asia Usa

18. Prabhat Khabar, a Jharkhand daily reported that Rs 109 Crore was found deposited in Nirmal Baba’s two bank accounts in just three months

19. Nirmal Baba told to media that I have been paying my income tax regularly. My annual turnover is Rupees 235 Crore.

20. Nirmal Baba refused to accept the allegations against him saying that he did not pay people to pose bogus questions at his samagams and prayer meetings.

21. Nirmal baba told to media that he had never claimed to be a miracle worker. I'm lucky to have been blessed with special powers," said Nirmal Baba

22. People say that Nirmal Baba got the magical powers and he does magical things wonders with his sixth sense and attained mystic powers.

23. in Lucknow Tanaya Thakur and Aritya Thakur, filed a report against self-proclaimed godman Nirmal Baba at a police station

24. If one wants to participate in his samagams then one needs to make a payment of Rs. 2,000. Payment should be made through a bank challan and devotee needs to keep one counterfoil of that challan. Send the other to the designated office in Delhi and after the confirmation of registration they will send an SMS On the date of ‘registered’ samagam, devotee needs to go there with the counterfoil challan and a valid ID proof. Only these two documents can ensure a ‘pass’ for the samagam

25. Which type of solutions Nirmal Baba gives - He tells to keep money in black purse and a 10 rupee bundle in locker.

26. What is the theory behind Daswand? He asks his followers to deposit a part of income to someone which may give a sort of guarantee for continuing KRIPA. That part of income which has been offered is called Daswand.

27. Complainant Yogendra Shankar Shulka, ex-President, Ravishankar University, organised a press conference and told media that Nirmal Baba is suggesting ‘non-sense’ remedies to the problems of innocent people like Keep bundle of notes in locker, eat samosa, wear expensive footwear, flaunt luxury purse, etc, and exploiting them financially.

28. Nidhi, a junior-artist who has worked in many TV serials, claimed that Nirmal Baba shot many of his programmes in Film City, Noida, UP and surprisingly the people who asked questions were not the ‘genuine’ ones but ‘fake’ people hired by Nirmal Baba. According to Nidhi, she got Rs 10,000 from Nirmal Baba for asking questions. 

29. If God has created the world, all are same for him and all are his kids, thus why one kid will need an extra help to reach his own father, a father who is honest and kind.

30. As Nirmal Baba got the powers why he got the orders from the Court, he should pray and prayer will automatically change the thinking of people and people will start to think and write good things about Nirmal Baba. (source: realityviews)


  1. Harish Veer Singh conspired against Nirmal Baba and will be arrested soon - News 24 video as proof -


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