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Monday, April 3, 2017

Peru's worst flooding disaster in decades: At least 100 family pets and ...

It's been a hard few weeks of deadly flooding in Peru with family pets and livestock struggling like their owner. But about 100 of the lucky ones were rescued and many of those are finding their way to happy homes through adoption. However, local authorities estimate that some 500 animals have died in the flooding. Continuing floods and mudslides have killed more than 100 people and torn apart much of the country's infrastructure.

Animal rescue groups such as the Freedom Project brigade, as well as veterinarians around the country have formed groups to rescue animals in need and take them in for treatment. It is believed thousands of animals have been abandoned by their owners or have disappeared in the floods. On April 2, 15 found homes after local officials in Santiago organized an adoption event for the healthy pets. Others who are still recovering will be put up for adoption when they are well.

Dozens of people turned up to offer their homes to these animals. Raging rivers and mudslides continue to slam parts of Peru. So far, more than 200 bridges and more than 2,000 kilometres of highway have been wiped out, authorities have said. Scientists in Peru now expect the localized version of El Nino that appeared suddenly off of Peru's coast this year to stretch into May, though April rains should not be as intense as the downpours still battering the northern coast.


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