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Monday, April 17, 2017

Hundreds people dressed like Charlie Chaplin for his birthday gather in ...

662 people dressed as "The Tramp" character gathered in Switzerland on April 16, for a world record of the largest number of people dressed as Charlie Chaplin's most famous character and gathered in the same place. Organized by and at the world's only museum dedicated to the director, the event celebrated Charlie Chaplin's 128th birth anniversary as well as the museum's first year. For 14 euros a ticket, participants were given a moustache, a stick and a hat to help them embody the "Tramp", following an easter egg hunt that took place around the garden of the museum.

The participants, mostly families, attended the event to celebrate easter and pay tribute to Charlie Chaplin and his humanist values, according to most of the visitors. An year after its opening, almost 300,000 visitors have visited the museum. The museum's managing director and Charlie Chaplin's son, Eugene Chaplin, believe that the humanist and universal values as well as Chaplin's contemporaneous message in his movies are the reasons that still make the character so popular nowadays. The success of the museum has also had an impact on local tourism, increasing the tourism in Montreux (Switzerland), municipality also known for its renowned jazz festival.


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