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Car falling into pond, 7 killed, 1 injured in the city of Huangshan, Anh...

Seven were killed and one was injured after a car carrying eight persons fell into a pond in the city of Huangshan in east China's Anhui Province on Monday. The accident occurred about 04:00 Monday, and the car downed a lamp pole, breaking it in half, and dislocated a one-ton defensive pier on the side of the road before falling into the pond.When firefighters arrived, they found the white car dimly visible in the 6-meter-deep pond about 15 meters from the roadside. A man was squatting on the top of the car, waiting for rescue.

The trapped man was brought to the bank and sent to hospital. The door of the deformed car could not be opened under water, and the firefighters used a crane to lift the car out of the pond. But the seven persons, including five men and two women, were drowned. It was learned that the car belonged to a tea-dealing family. They were on their way back to the city after collecting tea leaves from growers in villages when the accident happened. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

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