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WOW : Robot waiters attract customers to Shanghai restaurant, China

Robot waiters attract customers to Shanghai restaurant.While many business owners in the catering sector are struggling with labor shortages after the Spring Festival, a restaurant owner in Shanghai has decided to fill his restaurant with robot waiters. The popular restaurant in the city's downtown area employs two types of robots: some navigate their way around on tracks, and others move freely around the restaurant.

In addition to taking orders and serving food, the automated waiters also prove a popular attraction at the restaurant, with diners eager to try the service."It's a new experience. It's the first time I have seen robots serve dishes. I wish they could come to our house and cook for us, or do the dishes," said a customer. The owner of the restaurant said the robots were a good deal for the business: they proved a good investment as each one only requires 200 yuan's worth of electricity charge per year.

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