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Snow fell in China's Gansu Province and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region...

A cold wave has brought snow to Gansu Province since Saturday night, leading to the suspension of passenger bus services in many regions.The snow shrouded the whole Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture from 20:00 on Saturday night. The city of Hezuo and counties of Xiahe, Lintan and Zhuoni even saw snowstorms, with the houses, plants and roads all coated with white snow. Most of long-distance passenger bus services were suspended in Lanzhou, capital city of Gansu Province, due to the adverse weather.

The cold wave also hit Xinjiang in recent two days, causing fog in its northern region, rain and snowfalls in the southern region.Tacheng Prefecture issued a yellow alert for fog at 09:00 on Sunday, with the visibility in some regions being reduced to less than 500 meters. The fog is expected to disperse before night falls. Several regions in south Xinjiang will embrace rain or snow from Sunday to Tuesday.

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