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Sunday, March 19, 2017

six year old boy rescue whose hand gets stuck in escalator in southwest ...

The incident happened at around 18:00 when the boy played at the escalator alone. The rescuers inserted an iron bar into the gap of the escalator, trying to pry the gap to be larger enough so as to make the boy’s hand released, but failed. Then they decided to use hydraulic spreader to carry out the rescue. After 20-minute's efforts, the boy was finally rescued and sent to a hospital. According to the hospital's diagnose, the boy got a finger fracture.

"Every year we have to operate such rescues for about ten times on average. Those five to six-year-old children would get their hands or feet stuck in elevators or escalators. Therefore, we want to remind the parents that they should take care of their children when taking elevators or escalators to make sure they are safe," said Tian Zhan, a firefighter from Yangjiaping team of Jiulongpo district fire brigade in Chongqing Municipality.


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