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Chilean Navy rescues French tourist gone missing in Chile's Sarmiento canal

The Chilean Navy rescued on Friday (March 10) a French tourist who had gone missing in Chile's Sarmiento Canal.Frenchwoman Lea Marin Paparone was strapped onto a stretcher and airlifted from the canal by helicopter about a 100 kilometres from the southern port city of Puerto Natales.Paparone had been missing since Thursday (March 9) after she disembarked from a yacht and lost contact with her companions, an Englishman and a Canadian.

"She was alone. She decided to begin walking toward the higher parts of the island to have a better observation point. And finally, when she arrived to the point where she was extracted, she realized that it was practically impossible to return in daylight to her boat had to spend the night in the area, sheltered in a cave that protected her from the wind and precipitation that fell last night in the area of the Sarmiento Canal," said Carlos Rodriguez, Commander of the Puna Arenas Air-Naval Group.
Paparone activated an emergency alarm signal she carried with her and the Punta Arenas Maritime search and Rescue Service launched a search by boat.

The boat didn't locate her, but a Navy plane helping in the search found her. Rodriguez said she was extracted in "good" condition. Paparone did not appear to suffer any major injuries but was transferred to a local hospital for exams.

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