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Sunday, February 12, 2017

unbelievable : heavy truck blows over in wind storm on Highway

Caught on camera: Semi truck blows over in wind storm...Things could have ended much worse after 90 mile-per-hour winds (145 kilometers per hour) sent a white a semi-truck sailing into a Wyoming Highway Patrol vehicle on February 7, said Lieutenant David Wagener. The vehicle was blown over by the gale force winds along Interstate 80 in Elk Mountain, Wyoming, around 65 miles (104 kilometers) northwest of Laramie, officials said. The troopers who were on scene were responding to other traffic related incidents when the truck tipped over, but they were not in harms way when the truck tipped over. The two passengers aboard the truck were also unharmed. Authorities cautioned that the video should serve as a lesson to heed road closures and warnings due to wind advisories.


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