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Snowfall : Heavy snow sweeps across northwest China's Xinjiang

A strong cold front started to hit northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region since Saturday and brought along sharp temperature drop as well as snowfalls in many parts of the region.Visibility was affected by the heavy snow that shrouded Wenquan County of Bortala Autonomous Prefecture and made it hard for residents to walk and drive on snow-covered roads.Local authorities have arranged snowplows to clear the snow to ensure safety of vehicles.

As heavy snow fell on the Ili River Valley since early morning of Saturday, staff members of the local traffic administration have been busy clearing snow on roads to ease traffic jams. Temperature dropped by 8-12 Celsius degrees in Yining County, and the snow on ground was 5 to 15 centimeters thick after the snowfall in the morning."We will watch and see the situation tomorrow morning. If the snow gets milder or stops by that time, we will soon end our snow-cleaning operation. So our entire snow-cleaning operation will depend on the snowfall. Normally. we have to work non-stop for over 15-16 hours to get snow removed," said Yang Youwei, an official from the local road management bureau of Yining. Regional meteorological authority forecast that the snow will last until Monday in most parts of Xinjiang.

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