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Crash between bus and truck, 16 people died and 34 were injured in Honduras

At least 16 people died and 34 were injured in Honduras on Sunday (February 5), in a crash between a bus and a truck on the outskirts of the capital, officials said. A Honduran transit official spoke to the media about the specifics of the crash. "Sadly, a bus was headed towards the town of San Miguelito. It was driving on the right-hand side, but as a result of its own weight and dragging on the pavement it had a collision. And sadly, various people were injured and died in crash. We cannot give an exact figure," said the chief, Leonel Sauceda.

The survivors counted their blessings."Yes sadly as you can see there was great human loss that has occurred, but my daughter who was there, and thank God survived with her teacher Margarita. She's also alive, thank God. A miracle, and we truly trust in God that everything will come out okay," said Alvaro Zambrano, whose daughter survived.

The tabulation of the dead and injured was still being made, hospital officials said."They are saying that at the accident site 12 people died, and four here in the hospital school, which would make a total of 16. That is an unofficial stat that is being given at the accident site, and more victims could be added," local hospital spokesman, Miguel Osorio said.The crash took place about 10 kilometers outside the capital Tegucigalpa on a road heading to the south of the country, said police transport deputy inspector Carlos Espana.

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